Sabah Garden: A Luxurious Resort Gazipur(Let’s Visit)

Sabah Garden is located at Bagher bazaar in Gazipur. This resort has built with 36 bigha land. All busy people find a peaceful place to get some peace. If you get some natural place to feel fresh in your leisure time, it’s not a bed. So they can go Sabah garden resort because this is a peaceful natural place.

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Pictures Of Sabah Garden Resort
Sabah Garden Resort In Gazipur, lrb travel team


Sabah Garden Resort In Gazipur, lrb travel team


Sabah Garden Resort In Gazipur, lrb travel team


Sabah Garden Resort In Gazipur, lrb travel team
All Pictures Courtesy Reserved For Sabah Garden Team

Sabah Garden Resort Gazipur

The builder of Sabah’s garden is Hasan Uddin Sarkar. The whole resort has decorated with all around the world’s famous people’s message. This is only one resort of Bangladesh where has a library. 

Deferent kind of writer’s book around the world has given a charming and deferent look. There is a house which is made of mud and tin. It also has a statue of famous people. There have some beautiful cottage and 6 ponds. Has the statue of tigers, elephants and deferent kind of animals; also has all kind of trees. 

Cost For Traveling

60 to 70 thousand TK for a picnic. Personal or team cost is not so big amount for that option you can contact them directly by the phone number.
Communication: 0255035194, 01711873895.

Way To Go

You have to come to Bagher Bazar, the big road of Dhaka- Maimanshing. Here stands that resort with a big area. As a visitor, I will prefer you to visit this garden. Such a wonderful resort in Gazipur it is! I was very excited when in traveling time. So, don’t be late let’s make a tour in Gazipur to the Garden. 

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