Srimongol City Of Tea Garden And Beauty

Highest rainfall and tea garden in here called the Srimongol Sylhet. Tea gardens are laid on the hilly and in the flat land. You can visit the houses of the tea-garden laborer’s to see how they live. Drinking five layered Nilakantha tea would be an experience. Each layer is 10 BDT. Another specialty of Shrimangal is Monipuri tribe. You can see their houses up in the hills. If you are lucky you can see their dance.

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Srimongol city of tea garden

You can go by train to Kulaura junction. Shrimangal is not far from there. From Kamalapur of Dhaka train goes every day. The fare is 150 BDT. There are buses including Hanif, Shyamoli. These buses start from Sayedabad. Fare range is 200-220 BDT.

You can stay in Tea-tin house of Shrimangal, in Razzaque tower, Hobiganj. There are also hotels named Mukta, Shandhya, The rents are single room 300-400 BDT. Double room 600-800 BDT, each day.

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