Kongduk Or Jogi Haphong Is The Mountain Of Bandarban Border

Kongduk or Jogi Haphongs position is just the side of Bandarban border. To the mountain lovers, Jogi Haphong is a familiar name. Jogi Haiphong is the 4th highest mountain. High of Kongduk is 938 meter or 3222 fits.

This hill comprises the modok range located in a very remote area, the border of Bangladesh- Myanmar. Madok range mountains heights are highest in Bangladesh. This range mountains stand to divide the border of Bangladesh and Myanmar.

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kongduk or jogi mountain
21°42’13.0″N 92°36’5.38″E

Going trail Jogi Hafong Kongduk

Dhaka- Bandarban- Thanchi- Remakri- Daliyanpara- Jogi Trail.

Potential cost For Jogi Hafong Trail

4500-5000 Tk for per person. 

How will go Kondgudk 

To go Thanchi at first from Bandarban by bus or jeep, then Remacri Bazar from Thanchi by boat, 3 hours path on walking by foot, you will reach Daliya Para. From Daliyapara you will go to the mountain.

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