The Rainy Season Review In Beautiful Bangladesh

The rainy season of Bangladesh comprises the Bengali months of Ashar and Shravan. In fact, it extends from the end of June to the end of August. In this post, I will share a thought of the rainy season in Bangladesh to all of you.

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Rainy Season Review In Beautiful Bangladesh

How Caused The Rainy Season In Bangladesh

The south-west winds of the summer monsoon saturated by moisture from the Bay of Bengal form clouds over our land. When they reach the size and fall as rains.

The Description Of Rainy Season In Bangladesh

During the rainy season, the sky remains all the time overcast. It rains heavily for hours together. 

The rainfall accompanied by flashes of lightning and rolls of thunder at times becomes frightening. Rivers, canals, and low-lying areas are full to the brim in the season. Rivers overflow their banks. 

Excessive rains cause floods. Trees and plants grow rapidly. The flowers bloom. Everything looks green all around. The villages look like islands. The boats ply here and there over the green fields.

Advantages Of Rainy Season In Bangladesh

The rainy season renders immense good to the people. The cultivation of the two major crops of Bangladesh, rice, and jute, depends on the rains of the season. 

The flow of water carries a lot of silt which makes our land fertile. On the other hand, filth and dirt are washed away by rainwater. Plenty of fish is available everywhere. Summer fruits are available in abundance. The transport becomes easier and shorter. The boats become the most common means of communication.

Disadvantages Of Rainy Season In Bangladesh

The rainy season also brings inconveniences to the people. The roads become muddy. The fields go under water. Communication in the villages is usually disrupted. The people remain indoors most of the time. 

The cattle are confined to their sheds with insufficient fodder. Excessive rains cause flood and flood brings a lot of sufferings for the people. Dwelling houses and standing crops are washed away. When water begins to subside, diarrhoea, dysentery, typhoid and other diseases break out taking a heavy toll on lives.

Over To All Of You

The advantages of the rainy season in Bangladesh far outweigh the disadvantages and so it is always welcome to us.

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