The Six Seasons In Bangladesh And Spring Is The Best

There are six seasons in Bangladesh. They are Summer, Rains, Autumn, Late Autumn, Winter and Spring. The spring is the last but the loveliest of all seasons. Hence, I like it most. In this post, I highlighted six seasons in Bangladesh but mostly spring.

The Six Seasons In Bangladesh

The Six Seasons In Bangladesh, spring season is the best
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The Spring Season Duration

The spring extends from the middle of February to the second week of April.

Contrast with other seasons

Summer is the season of thirst and dust. Days and nights are very hot and uncomfortable. 

Rainy season is wet and muddy. We cannot go out easily. Days and night are humid. “The weather is foul and unpleasant. 

Autumn is misty and foggy…..!

Winter is lifeless and dull. Trees do not have leaves. People usually shiver in cold. The temperature is moderate. Everything in nature looks fresh.

The Spring Season Its beauty

The spring is the most pleasant of all seasons. Trees are full of new and lovely green leaves. Birds sing the melodious song. Wind is so gentle that we call it the breeze. 

Southern breeze is very refreshing to us. The gardens become full of flowers. They look very colourful and attractive. 

Bees move from flower to flower to gather honey. The sunshine is warm and bright. The weather is fine and fair. People do not like to stay indoors.

A season of plenty

The crops are harvested by this time. There are also plenty of fruits and vegetables in this season.

Over To You For The Spring Season

The spring is a season of colour, beauty, scent, songs and music. It is also a period of outing, pleasure-trips and tour. And so, we spring up with the coming of spring.

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