Badur Cave For Adventure Lovers At Chittagong

Badur Cave

Surrounded by sea hills, Chittagong is quite enjoyable for adventure and travel-loving tourists. To add fresh air to this enjoyment, a newly discovered creepy tunnel in a remote hilly area in the deep forest bordering Patiya in Padua Union of Rangunia Upazila in the port city has been added. To the locals, it is known as ‘Bat Cave’. It is known that the locals go to the forest adjacent to the cave to cut wood and see this ancient cave mouth. The cave is thought to have been built about 150 years ago as a mysterious safety tunnel for the King of Arkan. However, many believe this is a naturally occurring cave.

The cave was once inhabited by a large number of bats, some of whose traces are still to be found, and wild animals and wild elephants can be seen on the hilly road leading to the mouth of the cave. Now, of course, the fear of animals has diminished, but walking on adventurous mountain roads is no less.

For an adventure in Bat Cave, you have to climb quite a bit up the hill. In addition to the main cave, there are three more caves or tunnels on the three steps of this hill. The main cave is half a kilometer long and its mouth is quite narrow but the inside is relatively open. The end of the cave is narrow again and the same way out. You have to cross a little water at the beginning of the journey inside. It will feel like an adventure to set foot in this cave without a torch.

How to go to Badur Cave

This newly discovered bat cave can be seen as far as 45 km from the port city of Chittagong towards Kaptai. From Rangunia Upazila to Godown Sarafvata Kalindi Rani Road, you have to travel about 20 kilometers. This cave is located only 5 km away from the local locality. Among these, vehicles can be used by road to Pekuapara before Rajar Hat in Padua Union.

In this way, after walking one and a half kilometers, you have to cross the high hill, take the ‘Vandaljuri Chhara’, cross the hilly road, and reach the Bat Cave. The length of this walkway is about 5 kilometers. The journey to the cave is quite risky as you have to go down a steep slope before entering the cave. If you go to the cave, you will see some bats.

Which should be remembered

Physically fit tourists should take part in the Bat Cave Adventure as there are hilly roads, canyons, and quite a few walkways. It is better to take the help of the locals when going to this uninhabited jungle hill. In addition, it is difficult to walk in the mountains during the rainy season and the bats should go to the cave in the dry season with safety in mind.

Note: It is our responsibility to refrain from any work that pollutes the environment and be kind to the locals.

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