Bawachhara Lake Choto Komoldoho Mirsharai Chittagong You Can Visit

Chittagong is the wonderful city in Beautiful Bangladesh for travelling. There are many places you can visit in Chittagong like Mirsarai economic zone final, Bawchhara Lake, Mahamaya WaterfallKhoiyachora Waterfalls. In this post, I will share with you about Bawachhara Lake Choto Komoldoho Mirsharai.

Bawachhara Lake

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Let’s see about Bawachhara Lake Detail.

Bawachhara lake stands at Barmasi Chora of Owahedpur village of Mirsarai, Chittagong. Its named Bawachhara located at Barmasi. The type of silent calmness of the crystal clear water will say that its source is, of course, something huge.

When the last evening light of sun falls all over the lake, it seems from a distance that the whole project is a tourist centre. There is falling the water of the shower. Its hears from a distance the sound of falling the shower water.

The songs of the guest birds of the green trees of mountains whose mind does not refresh! Child to old, everybody will be fascinated to see Bawachhara. There are high mountains both of sides. Nonstop, cold water is rolling from high hills on Bawachhara lake. 

At the moon light’s in the night to feel the real beauty of the shower, somebody stays to the tent in the foothills. The natural beauty comes to closer, where nature plays with his own mind. People flutter in shower emerging from the exhaustion of the mechanical life, he was refreshing. 

How Will Go Bawachhara

From any place of the country the big road of Dhaka-Chittagong District of Mirsarai south side of Chotokmoldoh Bazar only 1.5 Km east foothill of hill Bawachhara stands here. To reach Chotokomoldoh from Chittagong time will need about 40-45 min by bus.

Where will stay Bawachhara

There is no hotel at Chotokomoldoh if you want to stay will come back at Chittagong or Fenni. Chittagong is famous for the five-star, three-star or good comfortable hotel. Chittagong hotels are really comfortable with passing your traveling time. You can choose Chittagong hotel list for your journey.

Where will eat Bawachhara

There is a famous hotel name is Driver at Chotokomoldoh Bazar, besides Kutumbari restora is at Chittagong.     

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