Rivers Of Bangladesh Is Really Beautiful You Can Visit

Bangladesh is a land of rivers. No country in the world has so many rivers as she has. In this post, I am gonna share with you some idea and detail for Rivers Of Bangladesh.

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River Of Bangladesh

The rivers Of Bangladesh

The Padma, the Meghna, the Jamuna and the Brahmaputra are the main rivers. They have their branches. There are tributaries which fall into the main rivers. The Buriganga, the Sitalakshya, the Gumti, the Karnafuly, the Modhumati, the Surma, the Tista etc. are the small rivers.

Rivers Make The Land Fertile

Every year, the rivers make the land fertile supplying alluvial deposits. Hence, rivers not only water our land but also manure it. Bangladesh is an agricultural country.The farmers can easily produce rice, jute and other crops.

Other Benefits Of Rivers

Bangladesh is a low-lying country. The rivers, therefore, serve the purpose of communication. Boats, launches and steamers ply on them. They help the development of trade, commerce and industry in the country. Our rivers are also the best home of fishes and birds which supply us protein diet.

Irrigation Of Land

By building dams and embankment across the rivers, we store water in the rainy season and irrigate our land in the dry season with the help of canals.

River Is A Great Source Of Energy

The strong current of rivers can be a great source of energy. This produces electricity which is very important for the development of industry and electrification of the country.

Over To You For River Of Bangladesh

Rivers are our great natural wealth. Like other natural forces, the rivers may also go beyond our control. Flood does immense harm to the people but it also does some good to us leaving silts over the land for bumper crops next year.

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