Hatirjheel In Dhaka Is A Visiting Place In Bangladesh

Hatirjheel is located in Dhaka, Bangladesh. It has been made for public transportation. In this town of brick stone, this Hatirjheel removes people fatigue. Hatirjheel has become a pleasant entertainment center in the Capital. You can go there anytime day or night. It was built with 1 Thousand  960 Crore Money. The main object of Hatirjheel is as follows: Water Conservation, Water Logging and Flood Prevention, Dirt Water Drainage, and Development, Resolve  Congestion in the Capital and increase the beauty of the city.

Hatirjheel Dhaka

Hatirjheel In Dhaka


From environmental and Aesthetic aspects Hatirjheel unveiled a new horizon in Dhaka. There are walkways around the Lake. The Hatirjheel on both sides along with overpass has been constructed. The Lake has to go from one side to the other side- The Beautiful Bridge, Surfing Fountain and there are also nice White Hoar Stairs. There are facilities for Navigating Sailing Boat.
Hatirjheel In Dhaka
Will be set for entertainment Children’s Park, Cultural Center, World Class Theater and Athletics Center. The Mosque will there for tourists prayers. 
There are 4 overpasses, Three Viaduct here. Measurement of this place 302 decimal 8723 acre. After the evening, Hatirjheel becomes very beautiful. Pick up the color of the light – colored rugs.
Hatirjheel In Dhaka

Hatirjheel Naming History

In the continuation of the British King, vhawal Kings the Elephants are kept in Pilkhana.In this time Elephant was used for bathing Elephants road and Hatirpul. For the rear of Elephants, That’s why the word Elephant has been associated with the name of this area. For bathing, the name of the place is the Hatirjheel.

How To Go

From any place of Dhaka come to the Bus or CNG. There are bus services to visit Hatirjheel. Tickets can be found- Rampura, Modhubag, FDC more, Bowbazar, Shutting Club and Merul Baddas 6 counters. Rent from one counter to another counter is available at a minimum of 10 takas. It will cost 30 takas to make the whole trip Hatirjheel by Bus.

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