National Memorial In Bangladesh Is A Historical Place

In memory of the martyrs who sacrificed their lives in the great Liberation War of 1971 the eternal symbol of respect for the this National Memorial. It is located in Savar Upozilla, Dhaka, Bangladesh. 
It has been built with 40 Hectors of space. In 1971 December, Savers Bloody War, the final Victory of the Freedom Fighters, in memory of their valor and sacrifice the Monument building is planned.  Among the 57 best design the Architecture Soiyod Mainul Hoesen liked the design. A few days after 1982 the main structure of the Memorial, Artificial Lake and the construction of the garden is completed. 
The main structure of the Memorial it consists of Seven Pairs of triangular Walls. The walls are arranged from small to large. The length of the middle wall is the Smallest but its height is high. At the highest point, it is 150 feet high. Memorials From different perspectives appear differently. The whole Complexes are Artificial Pool, Garden and Mass Grave. In 1971 Savar, Against the Pakistani invading forces the Freedom  Fighters had a big fight. Many Freedom Fighters were martyred in this War. Many of the Bengali people are tortured in Savar. 
After the war, this area was discovered in the Mass Grave and Closed Land. These Mass Graves are located at the Memorials Complex. There is a Pond in front of the Monument. The main structure the Memorial and the National Flag reflect here. There are numerous WaterLilly Flowers in this Lake. National Flowers of Bangladesh.

National Memorial In Bangladesh At Savar

national memorial in bangladesh
There is no entry price to enter the Monument. Daily morning 6 am to 6 pm till remains open.

Why Are The Seven Pillars Of The Memorial

The memorial consists of seven pairs of Triangle. Seven pairs of Wall Seven aspects of the movement indicate –
  1. Language movement of 1952.
  2. 1994 United Front Election.
  3. The constitution of 1956.
  4. Education movement of 1962.
  5. The six-point movement of 1966.
  6. 1969 Mass supurge.
  7. The great Liberation War of 1971.

How To Go To  The Monument :

Now you know a little bit of National Memorial In Bangladesh. You can go there directly by BRTC bus from Dhaka. It goes from Motijheel-Gulistan to Sahabah, Farmgate, Asadgate, Shamoli, Gabtoli, and Savar. Without it, Hanif, Nondon Superbus and Greenway bus will go there.

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