Hussaini Dalan Old Dhaka Beautiful Visiting Place In Dhaka

In this post, I will share with a beautiful place in Dhaka now called the old town. The place is Hussaini Dalan Old Dhaka you can visit with your family or friends for passing leisure time to go refresh. 

Hussaini Dalan Old Dhaka

About three hundred-year-old Imambara or Hussaini Dalan. It is located on Nazimuddin Road in Old Dhaka. This place is the Shiite community’s place of Worship. In the Seventeenth Century, it was built during Mughal Emperor Shah Jahans. The building was originally built in memory of Imam Hussain’s Shahadat Baran in Karbala.
Hussaini Dalan Old Dhaka
Many people do not want to go Old Dhaka to traffic congestion. So many Spectacular places are left unseen. However, there is no danger of traffic Jam on Holidays, then you can come back to the Old Dhaka’s Hussaini DalanDalan.
It is not too far from Engineers University, BUET, Dhaka University, and Dhaka Medical. Large Gardens on the entrance of this building enters. The Shiite Community’s Grave and original structure will also be seen. Dighi is behind the building. You can spend time here. Every year Maharam months date 1 to 10 on the occasion of the Ashura, the Hussaini Dalan became the Zodiac. There are various rituals here. From here the Maharam Tazia Procession came out, it circulates various places in the city.
In the National Museum, there is a nice Replica of the Hussaini Dalan. It is made with Silver.

Visiting Time 
Daily morning 7 am tonight at 10 pm till remains open.

How You Will Go
You can go there CNG, Rikshaw or to the Tempo. This Hussaini Dalan situated in Nimtali of Old Dhaka.

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