List Of Beautiful Bangladesh Islands Are Really Awesome For A Trip

Bangladesh Islands are the part of Beautiful Bangladesh. Although Bangladesh is the most beautiful country on the earth map, the islands make Bangladesh more beautiful with them glory. 

For the beauty of rivers, it called rivers of Bangladesh. All of the islands stand on Bangladesh Maps with surrounding rivers.
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The islands are the right and unique place for travelling with family or friends called day tour. You can spend your free time with your buddies on these island for keep fresh your mind. 

There are so many islands in Bangladesh but most popular is called st martin island. People pronounce write it with many names. Some name I highlighted below.

1. St Martin

2. St Martin Island 

3. Saint Marteen

4. St Maarten Island

5. Narikel Jinjira

Now in this post, I will share with you a complete list of Bangladesh islands appear below.


List of islands of Bangladesh

I separate the lists into four parts. Like Western Bay of Bengal, Middle Bay of Bangla or Bengal, Eastern Bay Of Bangla, Disappeared Islands.


List Of Bangladesh Islands, st martin


Islands Of Western Bay Of Bengal

  • Dimer Char
  • Char Bagala
  • Andar Char
  • Char Hare
  • Birshreshta Hamid Island/Char Lakhsmi
  • Char Manika
  • Nijhum Dwip
  • Ramnabad Island
  • Char Mantaz
  • Ashar Char
  • Rangabali
  • Dublar Char
  • Burir Char
  • Pakhkhir Char


Island Of Middle Bay of Bangla

  • Bhola Island- Is the largest island in Bangladesh.
  • Hatiya
  • Manpura Island
  • Urirchar
  • Jahajerchar
  • Dal Char
  • Sandwip
  • Char Gazi
  • Char Sakuchia
  • Char Nizam
  • Char Faizuddin
  • Char Kukri Mukri



Island Of Eastern Bay of Bangla

  • St. Martin’s Island – Most beautiful islands in Bangladesh.
  • Kutubdia – is famous for travelling and it has some unique symbols of Bangladesh.
  • Chhera island
  • Jaliadwip
  • Maheshkhali Island – Maheshkhali Island is the famous for fisheries.
  • Sonadia – Is’s one of the greatest beautiful islands in Bangladesh.

Disappeared Islands Of Bangladesh

These islands previously existent but have now drowned.
  • Bholar Dweep
  • South Talpatti Island

These are the list of Bangladesh Islands. If you have time you can take a tour today for travelling to any of them. All of they are the haven of Bangladesh.

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