Bhawal Resort And Spa: Best Resort & Spa In Bangladesh

Bhawal Resort And Spa

Resorts are now one of the best places to remove the boredom of everyday working life. Various entertainment facilities have also been developed in these resorts. There are several resorts in Gazipur from th near of Dhaka. Likewise a Bhawal Resort & Spa.

Bhawal resort is located in the middle of green in the remote rural environment of Gazipur. The resort is located in Naljani village of Mirzapur union in Gazipur district. It Located on an area of ​​about 65 acres, the resort has 5 zones and 61 cottages.

Bhawal Resort & Spa In Gazipur

Silent and noisy shadows built in the natural environment will bring human tranquillity to this resort. When the night comes here, an enchanting environment is created by the call of jhi jhi poker. Surround the tall, tall trees surrounded by sunshine. There is a huge swimming pool.

Recently the new spa centre was opened here. There is a helipad also. You can have honeymoon, family tours, weddings, conferences, seminars in this clean environment.

Here, your overall security is guaranteed. There are 45 Ansar for security. In addition, there are 150 officers and employee in charge of the overall care.

The weekly holidays here are Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

Bhawal Resort Price Cost:

There are 3 kinds of room here. One-Bedroom Villas, One-Bedroom Suites, Two-Bedroom Suites. The cost will respectively; 12000 Taka, 16000 Taka And 24000 Taka per night.

How to go Bhawal Resort & Spa?

You can with different buses which is go From Dhaka to Gazipur. Or you can ride in your own car. From Gazipur intersection to Rajendrapur intersection. From there, the member’s house. Bawal Resort & Spa will be available only three kilometres from here.


Bhawal Resort & Spa

Location Village: Noljahni, Union: Mirjapur, Mojja: Baroipara, P Sodor, Gazipur, Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Phone: + 880-1871004007

Corporate Bookings: + 880-1871004009, + 880-1871004008, + 880-1871004005

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