Mayadeep At Sonargaon Narayanganj A Beautiful Island In Bangladesh

If you find a list of picnic spots near Dhaka then Sonargaon and Narayanganj are famous. According to the Bangladesh map, Mayadeep at sonar gaon in the district of Narayangang is a beautiful island in Bangladesh where you can make a day trip or can be traveling with friends or family. Mayadeep Island is the perfect place for passing the boring time or leisure and you can be watching the beautiful river from that island.

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Mayadeep At Sonargaon Narayanganj, A Beautiful Island In Bangladesh

Mayadip is an impoverished pasture covered by the Meghna River which stands at Union of Barodi, Upozila of Sonargaon, Zila of Narayangonj. This is a triangle shape pyro that has been created at the middle point of the Meghna River. This island is not so big but there are green and green from all around. the fresh and clear air is blown continuously here which is get out from the river. This fresh air informs us about real free life. Life is small and sings here.

Mayadeep Video

How Will Go Mayadeep

From Gulisthan to Dhaka, you will get many buses to Sonargaon after some time. By this bus you can reach Sonargoan then you will be to go to Boidar Bazar by Auto or Rickshaw. Rent is 40/50 per Rickshaw. You need to hire the boat from Boider Bazar Ghat. Rent is 150 or 200 per hour.

Remember For Mayadeep Traveling

You will come back before sunset because this is an island and there was a lot of problem after sunset. Never go alone. It is very risky for you.

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