Khejurtola Chittagong Sea Beach In Bangladesh Make A Trip There

There are so many places to visit in Bangladesh. Sea beach in one of the main part of visiting place in Bangladesh. In this post, I will share to all of you about Chittagong beach called Khejurtola Sea Beach is really beautiful for traveling.

There are so many beautiful beaches has at Chittagong city, if can compare by beauty in between Khejurtola is one of the most beautiful beaches.

Khejurtola Sea Beach In Chittagong

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Khejurtola Chittagong Sea Beach

If you go for one time then you can understand why it is beautiful! To see the real beauty you will be to go too much morning or falling in the afternoon. Easily, within chef cost in Khejurtola Sea-beach you can enjoy the environment of Potenga Beach and Neval. 

You can chat beside the dam or by walking the arrows of green grass bed you can enjoy people’s life Jelepara. This is a perfect place to play with some friends or family. 

After sunset the sound of air with the wave of the sea and spreading across the ocean timtim lights of thousands of fisherman boats and the sodium light of shutter ship’s in the far ocean you will have a deferent kind of feelings.

Khejurtola Chittagong Sea Beach

If you go Khejurtola with huge time you can reach Joillapara beach from Khejurtola beach in half an hour by walking. There is full deferent feeling on this side. This is a busy place of Jelepara. Some of them are making a net, some are making a boat and some are busy to catch or sell fish or making dry fish. With that in afternoon/ night/morning, you can buy Hilsha, shrimp and ocean fish in chef prize by the auction.

Khejurtola Chittagong Sea Beach

How You Will Go There Khejurtola Chittagong Beach

From any place of Chittagong city downing at Steelmil bazar you can go Khejurtola sea beach in 15 min by Auto/ Rickshaw.  

Hopefully, you can enjoy your next journey in the beach of Khejurtola Chittagong Sea Beach with your buddies.

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