Top 10 Places To Visit In Dhaka Where You Should Go

Dhaka is the capital of Bangladesh. Being a capital Dhaka has a huge population. People came here for their livelihood and busy in work all the weekend. When they became bored in their daily routine they visit the natural and historical places in Dhaka to reduce their boringness. Dhaka has many natural places to visit. Today I am writing about Places To Visit In Dhaka.

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Places To Visit In Dhaka, Resorts Near Dhaka.

Top 10 Natural Visiting Places In Dhaka

Places to visit in Dhaka such like Ramna park, Madhutila Eco park, Jamuna Riverside, Zinda park, Road To BD, Sadullapur Flower Garden, Nuhas Polli, Bhawal National park, Dhaka Zoo, Gulshan Lake park, Baldha Garden etc are the natural visiting places in Dhaka.

So, let’s see the best visiting place in Dhaka and resort near Dhaka in appearing below.

1. Gulshan Lake park: Gulshan lake park is a nice peaceable urban park. This park mainly includes a small pond and circular path for walking and running. This is a neat and clean place for the morning walk or passing free time.

2. Ramna park: Ramna park is the large and lovely huge park and a recreation area situated at the heart of Dhaka. If you’re visiting the capital of Bangladesh, this is one of the places that you should include on your visiting list.

3. National Botanical Garden: It is one of the greatest botanical gardens of Bangladesh. It’s an amazing place to roaming around with family and friends.

4. Dhaka National Zoo: Dhaka national zoo is the largest zoo in Bangladesh. It is located in Mirpur Dhaka. It contains wildlife and good natural scenery. This is a good place to visit with family and children.

5. Rose Garden Park: Rosegarden is a palace with garden. It has historical value too. It’s located in old Dhaka near Baldha garden.

6. Sadullapur Flower Garden: Sadullapur flower garden is a village which is famous for flower cultivation. In Sadullapur farmers grow many kinds of flower especially roses. It is a place of stress relieving city life.

7. Bangabandhu Safari Park: Bangabandhu safari park is the large safari park in Bangladesh. It is located in Gazipur. It is a beautiful place to visit with family and friends.

8. Bhawal National park: The Bhawal national park is perfect for the picnic. It is in Gazipur not so far from Dhaka. It only takes 1:45-Hour drive from Dhaka city. It is a place so quite where one can spend hours from busy life.

9. Balda Garden: Any person who loves nature must love Baldha garden. It is enriched with plants and trees which are collected from different parts of the world.

10. Nuhas Polli: In gazipur resort list Nuhas Polli is the first. It is the lovely place to visit with friends and family. It is located in Gazipur. It was the dream place of the great Bengali writer Humayun Ahmed.

These are the best places to visit in Dhaka. If you want to travel them don’t be late. These places can give you pleasure in your busy life and they can refresh your mind for the next journey. 

If you want to ask anything about these visiting places in Beautiful Bangladesh don’t avoid the comment section. I will try to answer you.

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