The Way To Get To All The Sights Of The District From Cox’s Bazar Town


Cox’s Bazar once had a lot of yellow flowers. The beach with the yellow flowers, all in all, the beauty of the place can be said in advance. Although there are no yellow flowers for various reasons, the world’s longest beach can be seen in Cox’s Bazar.

There are also various sights. Which constantly attracts many tourists from home and abroad. In that sequence let’s not know how to get from the city of Cox’s Bazar to the sights of the district there. You will get the link to the detailed article with the list or you will get the detailed information by clicking on the name.

Burmese Market:

The location of this traditional Burmese market is 4 km away from Cox’s Bazar Sadar. You can reach this market by any local vehicle including rickshaw, autorickshaw, three-wheeler.

Ramu Bhuban Shanti 100 Lion Bed Gautam Buddha’s Monastery:

‘Bhuvan Shanti 100 Lion Bed Gautam Buddha Statue’ located in Ramu. You can go to this Buddhist monastery by taxi, three-wheeler, or tomtom from Cox’s Bazar.

Bethna Bidhur Mathin Koop, Teknaf:

This historic Mathin well is a must-visit in Cox’s Bazar. The location of this well is in the compound of Teknaf police station. You can reach Teknaf by bus, micro or jeep from Cox’s Bazar to Teknaf, then you can go here on foot or by rickshaw.

Adinath Temple:

This Adinath temple is located in Maheshkhali. You will get a speedboat or trawler bound for Maheshkhali from Baharchhara Ghat in Cox’s Bazar.

Labani Point:

Laboni Point is considered the main beach of Cox’s Bazar to tourists. It is very close to Cox’s Bazar city. You can reach Laboni Point from any part of the city by autorickshaw or rickshaw.

Sugandha Beach:

You can reach Sugandha Beach by rickshaw or autorickshaw from any part of Cox’s Bazar.

Chunti Wildlife Sanctuary:

This Chunti Wildlife Sanctuary has located about 10 km from Cox’s Bazar. You can go to this challenging wildlife sanctuary by autorickshaw or three-wheeler.

Sonadia Island:

Sonadia Island is located 6 km northwest of Cox’s Bazar city. You have to go to Maheshkhali first from Ghat No. 6 of Cox’s Bazar. Then from there in the auto aare ghatibhanga. From Ghatibhanga you can go to Sonadia Island by motorboat.

Dulahajara Safari Park:

Dulahazara Safari Park is located in Chakoria Upazila. From Cox’s Bazar you can go to this Dulahazara Safari Park by CNG, micro or local bus.

Game Reserve Forest:

Game Reserve Forest is located in the village of Mushni in the Dhamdhamiya area of ​​Teknaf. From Cox’s Bazar, you can take a Teknaf-bound bus or microbus to Huaikheng Bazaar and go to the Game Reserve Forest.

Kudum Cave:

Kudum Cave is the only sand-clay cave in Bangladesh. It is located in the village of Mushni in the Dhamdhamiya area of ​​Teknaf. From Cox’s Bazar, take a Teknaf-bound bus or microbus to Huaikhiyong Bazar, then 4 km to Shaplapur, then 2 km to the left on the hilly path to reach the cave.

Historic lighthouse on Kutubdia Island:

One of the attractions of the beautiful Kutubdia Island is the lighthouse. It is located north of the beach from Baraghop Bazaar in Kutubdia. First, you have to go to Magnama Ghat by CNG from the Baraitali junction of Cox’s Bazar. From Magnama Ghat you can come to Kutubdia by engine boat or speed boat and from there you can go to Baraghop Bazaar by rickshaw.

Ramu Rubber Garden:

This rubber plantation is located in Ramu Upazila, 18 km before Cox’s Bazar. You can go here by minibus, CNG, autorickshaw or tomtom from Cox’s Bazar.

Shamlapur Beach:

Its location is at Shamlapur Beach in Baharchhara Union. You can reach Shamlapur beach by taking a Teknaf-bound bus, getting down on Huangkong Road, CNG, and autorickshaw.


It is a beautiful beach surrounded by mountains. You can go to Himchhari by open jeep, CNG, autorickshaw, etc.

Inani Beach:

This Inani Beach is a very beautiful beach surrounded by coral rocks. From Kalatali in Cox’s Bazar, minibusses, jeeps, CNG, or autorickshaws leave for Inani.


You will be able to enjoy the amazing natural beauty from the island of Chherad, which is located close to St. Martin. If you want to go here, first you have to go from Cox’s Bazar to St. Martin. You can then leave the island by speedboat, launch, or bike from St. Martin.

Shah-Pari Island:

The island is located in the Sabrang Union of Teknaf Upazila. From Cox’s Bazar to Teknaf by bus, micro, or jeep to Teknaf and from there by CNG to Shah-Pari Island ferry terminal. Then you can go to this island by boat or trawler.

St. Martin’s Island:

From Cox’s Bazar you can first go to Teknaf by bus or jeep, micro, private car, and then by ship to St. Martin’s Island. Note that the ship left Teknaf Ghat at the specified time i.e. between 9:30 am Or you can go to St. Martin by ship from Cox’s Bazar to St. Martin. The ship started its journey from BIWTA wharf in Cox’s Bazar at 8 am.

Radiant Fish World:

From Cox’s Bazar city you have to go to Jhautala by easy bike, CNG or autorickshaw. From the front corner of Poushi Restaurant, you can see Radiant Fish World.

Marine Drive Road:

You can enjoy the beauty of Marine Drive by CNG, jeep or roofed caravan from Cox’s Bazar city.

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