Debotakhum (দেবতাখুম): A Real Adventurer Place

Debotakhum is located in Roangchhari Upazila of the Bandarban district. the Bandarban is known as the kingdom of Khumah and the crown of excellence in this kingdom must go the Debotakhum.according to the locals, the Khum is 30-50 feet deep and 500 feet in length which is larger than the belakhum. if you want to go to the debotakhum, you must take permission first from the kachaptali army camp. Then you have to go shilbandha para by trekking.

You must be made the bamboo whale from Shilabadha para. then you have to cross pong su ang khum. After crossing pong su and khum, the debotakhum will start. the local people call it Sonakhum. some people call it thongchikhum in Marma Language.

Debotakhum In Bandarban Travel

The debotakhum trail is beautiful as well as it is very dangerous also. In the rainy season, as the hill trails look so beautiful similarly there have lots of big problems like Your foot can be caught by slippery rocks and you can face a life risk. There was no noise and Network Connection here. Silence in all around which looks like a Haunted Atmosphere. The atmosphere will feel more spooky with the sound of water splattering.

The path goes between the two large mountains which you have to go by Bamboo Whale. You can feel and enjoy the beauty of nature in very closely from here. As you merge with nature. the way you go will tell you how beautiful the path of heaven can be.

A full of real adventurous is Debotakhum. Debotakhum can make your mind horrible. It is a combo package of trekking, adventure, risk and whale kayaking. Out of Network and pin-drop silent all around the atmosphere. You can only hear the sound of nature, the sound of water and your echo. The whole horrible atmosphere feels you like A real adventure. The khum will dark between the two huge mountains .the sunlight is very narrow here.

How To Go Debotakhum

You have to go to Bandarban first from any place in Bangladesh. From there you have to take any CNG/ Chader Gari/ Bus/Motor Cycle For Roangchari. From There you Have to go kacchaptali by bus or CNG. Then walks by foot 1/2 or 1 hour For Debotakhum.

Cost Of Debotakhum For Visiting

  • The bus rent  from Dhaka to Bandarban – Tk 620 per person (Non AC bus). Remember that bus fares are variable.
  • Bandarban to kachaptali mahinda rate (6 person) 1800 tk.
  • Roangchari to Kachhaptali Cng rent minimum 150-200 tk
  • Vela and life jacket rent 3oo-5oo Taka.
  • The guide costs a total of 500tk

GUIDE Contact:

  • Apon jong tonjuinga – 01882267714
  • Runmoy Lal – 01857272095
  • Chiku – 01890170803

Which Matter You Should Remember

You have to go to the kachhaptali and report to the army camp with the guides. A photocopy of the national identity card/passport must be kept! It is best to tell the guide in advance about the whale to turn around. There will be a problem on the network !!

You will only get Robi / Airtel’s network on KACCHAPTALI! But from there you will be completely out of network on your way to Khum. If trekking is not consistent, then buy. It will cost 120-150tk.

You will find it in Bandarban. On your way to the deity, you will find a shilbandha fountain. Be sure to check out the fountain on the way. During the rainy season, the true beauty of Khum is seen.

However, the trekking after the Shilbandha falls is very challenging because the slopes are very slippery. So it’s best to be mentally prepared in advance. Avoiding the rainy season of new trekkers is good because it can make your trail look daunting in the rainy season.

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