A Village Fair In Bangladesh Is A Common Tradition (Travel)

A village fair is a small but colorful exhibition held periodically in a particular place of the village with shows and entertainment in Bangladesh. A village fair is more popular with village people on any occasion. A village fair in Bangladesh is really awesome for us, I can tell you about it.

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Village Fair In Bangladesh, Village Fair In Bangladesh Is Common Tradition
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Village Fair In Bangladesh Is An Occasion For its People

A village fair is generally held in an open space. Sometimes, it is held on the bank of a river or near a temple. The occasion may be religious or cultural according to the tradition of the local people. It may be held on the occasion of Chaitra Sakranti or Muharram or Durga Puja. Nowadays, Baishakhi Mela is being held in many parts of the country.

Description For A Village Fair In Bangladesh

Men and women of all ages and particularly the children find great delight in visiting the fair. The things that attract all kinds of people including the children are exhibited and sold there. The rural craftsman artisans exhibit and sell their hand-made goods. Clothes of various kinds, ready-made garments, cheap fancy goods, clay pots, whistles, bamboo flutes, toys, dolls, utensils, cheap sweets, cosmetics, etc. have the greatest demand at the fair.

Some Attractions In Village Fair

The special attraction of the village fair is its circus party, traveling Jatra party, nagordolas, and magic shows. Nowadays, cinema parties also show films to the village people. All these keep them spell-bound till the fair ends.

Some Words For Village Fair

A village fair is a means of recreation, change, and social get-together of the village people in Bangladesh. It breaks the monotony and boredom of their life. 

The government should encourage the fairs as they help the development of rural arts and crafts. But a village fair should never allow gambling and other evil activities which may do a lot of harm to the people in general and the younger generation in particular.

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