Diabari Uttara A Beautiful Place Of Momentary Leisure

Diabari stands by the capital of Dhaka and its nearby Uttara sector of is. Diabari’s natural immense beauty will take you full of whiteness in a soft stake. Its immense beauty will seduce you. You can go Autumn season. At this time you will see their white catkin.

You will get much pleasure in the touch of a white catkin. Again you will see white hoar cloud aperture melt come out gold sunshine. When the sun cant in the west, that’s moment is so much attractive. As far as the eyes go away just full of white catkin and catkin.

Diabari Uttara A Beautiful Place

In this busy town of brick, wood, and concrete, there is not any place for a little calm. It is so hard to see one piece of green. When you will go Diabari Uttara you will see green surrounding the place and you feel an interesting moment.

Diabari has another visiting place, It is huge Banyan. Nowadays this Banyan is seen in drama. A huge Banyan and the road on both sides. Now this place has been called Diabari Botth Tola. Here the drama is shot almost time. Maybe you meet with dear any stars.

Diabari Uttara A Beautiful Place

If it’s quite a bit you will see a dead river. It is a feeder of the Turag river. There has been built an aesthetic connection bridge. When you will stand up on the bridge you will see the river and will enjoy the zigzag beauty of the river.

Abandoned boat, fisherman fishing with a net. You can do this weird, ridiculous, and paradise with your lovely family in the evening.

Diabari Uttara A Beautiful Place
Diabari Bridge

How You Will Go Diyabari Dhaka

From any place in Dhaka, you can go to Uttara. You have to get down the housebuilding bus stand. Then you will see Rikshaw to go in front of the north tower and market plaza. Again you will go by laguna. Laguna will go direct botth tola from here. Leguna rent Apiece 30 taka ( festival day) Rikshaw rent 80 taka to 100 taka ( festival day).
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