Harinmara Hatuvanga Trail : An Adventurous Place In Sitakunda

Nilambar lake of harinmara

harinmara fountain

After walking for a while you will see the jhiripath split into two sides. If you go to the left-hand side, you will find harinmara jharna and after walking for a while on the right side you will find the jhiri which is divided into two parts.

How To Go Harinmara Hatubhanga Trail

If anyone wants to go from Feni or become Feni, he can go that way. In this case, the bus of Star Line / KKTravels from Dhaka’s TT Para to Feni (Mahipal), teh fare is 280/250 Tk. If you want, take a local bus from Saidabad bus terminal to Feni’s Mahipal. In this case the rent: -100/150/200 tk.

And if anyone wants to go by train, then Feni on intercity train, the fare will be 195 tk and 75 tk on mail train of Feni. Small Kamaldaha fare from Mahipal is 50/40 Tk. you will get a car all night. Then from sitakundo take a laguna and go kamaldaha eidgah road.

If you walk down the small Kamaldah Eidgah Road and walk along the 20-minute paved road, you will find the railway line. There are no more roads around. The road will be narrow, 2 hands wide, 10 minutes walk along the road you will find a few houses. Ask someone about the lake.

You will get the lake 5 minutes ahead. If you go up the lake, do not go to the right road, but if you walk 1 minute along the left road, you will come across a small bridge. Take a small isle under the bridge and walk 10 minutes to one end of the lake. You will cross the lake on the right hand side and take the isle to the front.

Maybe you will get some water in the rainy season. After walking for 5 minutes, Jhiri is on both sides of Hatubhanga Jharna on the left and Harinmara Kund Jharna on the right, two fountains at a distance of 5/6 minutes. On the back after seeing hatubhanga jharna, you will find a small jhiri after 1 minute.

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