Jahangirnagar University: A Kingdom Of Migratory Birds

Migratory Birds Of Jahangirnagar University

If human life has any adorable life, it is the life of a bird. Humans want to fly like birds, so as a symbol of liberation, people release the birds in the sky. Birds have no borderline in the sky. They fly easily from one place to another. From one country to another country. Every year, when the winter comes, water, bills, haws, ponds are filled with different colors and colors without knowing the names of the birds. We respect them as migratory birds.

The Migratory Birds Of Jahangrnagar University

Winter is starting to freeze. The migratory birds have started coming to our country from the hilly regions of the remote Himalayas and Siberia at the beginning of winter as like pasts year. Especially at Jahangirnagar University. Jahangirnagar University has made the lively atmosphere more lively in the sound of the birds.

When the intensity of winter subsides they leave our country. So you can visit this green sanctuary now. With the proper environment and safe haven, the guests of the birds were able to enjoy the water javelin in the Padma ornamental lakes of Jahangirnagar campus.

Although Jahangirnagar University has almost 16-17 lakes. But only the 3 lakes are stay at the front of the administrative building. Jahanara Imam and Pritilata Hall adjacent lakes and Mir Musharraf Hossain Hall are the most popular for gust birds. Their attendance are most to see here. These lakes have been declared a guest bird sanctuary by the university administration. According to statistics from the Natural Observatory of the Jahangirnagar University, there are about 244 species of guest birds on campus and from them, there are about 12/13 species of migratory birds comes each year.

Most of the birds that come to Jahangirnagar University are ducks, who live in the water. The chief among these are Sarali, Khajjana, Pataharihans, Patitara, Nonajotsa, Gear, Dhupani, Lalmudi, Bamunia duck, Indus eagle, Ghargora, Hood hood, etc.

Guest birds arrive in Bangladesh in early November. At the end of March he returned to his address. Winter morning and afternoon is the best time to see the birds on campus. So in the morning, you can spend all day on campus. You can eat at noon at various restaurants on campus.

You can get lunch at the lowest cost by filling in every post. Simple vehicle rickshaw to visit campus. If you want, you can visit the holidays from Jahangirnagar University campus.

How To Go Jahangirnagar University

For Bangladesh traveling you should start your journey the central point of Bangladesh called Dhaka. So, from Dhaka Gulistan, Farm Gate, Kollanpur or Gabtoli to Nobinogor, any kind of bus you can choose for traveling Jahangirnagar University Campus. One word is for you here the most comfortable way is Rickshaw for traveling campus area..! Mind it. So, let’s go to the destination of Bangladesh. Don’t avoid the comment section for asking anything if you have any kind of question. Share it on social media and helps others for traveling. Thanks and enjoy the journey.

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