Padmabil Of Gopalganj: It’s Just Like A Paddle Of Flowers

Padmabil of gopalganj

If anyone bring you a bunch of handfuls of flowers, you will must be happy! The beauty of the billions of puddles on the bill is really unprofitable. This is one of the most fascinating scenes in our traditional village of Bengal. In the song, poets have spoken of Nilpadma numerous times in the poem.

Nilpadma may be not available if you want, but you can be impressed with the beauty of the pink lotus.Yes, you will see countless Padma fairs at Padmabil in Gopalganj. You can take lots of  padma bunch whatever your mind want. It’s like a paddle flower. You will be able to visit this beautiful place with your  family and friends from Dhaka in a One Day.

The Beautiful padmabil of Gopalganj

There are numerous bills around Gopalganj district. One of the bills is the Balakir Bil of Sadar Upazila. The bill is located just 14 km northeast of Gopalganj district headquarters. Naturally-born red-pink and white palmflowers have enhanced this bill. When looking from a distance, it would seem as if Bill had kept a flower bed. It’s look like a fair of Padma. There are shrubs around this puddle, somewhere in the mud.

There are countless lotus floating in between them. Red-pink and white-coloured padmas are visible throughout the rainy season. The colours of softness and the cloud of sky in the sky,this two combined with the nature. Seeing pink lotus in a wide area adds to the mood. There is also a white paddle. As far as the eyes go, only the padma and the padma. The queen of aquatic flowers welcomes nature lovers to match the 64 petals.

After the rainy season, this bill also contains the Padma in autumn. Water is also coloured in the leaves of the lotus flower in the human mind. Soon after the sun was up in the sky, the tourists came to Bill. And their countenance goes on till evening. There is a wonderful feeling floating on the rug on this boat.

Throwing green leaves scattered over the water, laughing as thousands of red-and-white puddles filled their hands with joy of mind, picking up the pods to go back to childhood. The appearance of the floating one of the lotus impresses people of any age. When the children are taken and if they get a bunch of hands. their joy goes know no bounds.

This bill will entice your mind to float on the boat in the boat, to float on the paddle flower. Here, the smell of flowers in the air also touches. Such a scene will bring you some tranquillity to the city’s brick-and-stone life and bring you back to some childhood memories.

To the thirsty beauty, this Padmabil has become a very favourite place. So, in the afternoon, the crowd was crowded with this bill. Walking aboard the boat, taking pictures with Padma. With the puddle in hand, everyone’s heart danced in happiness. July to October is the ideal time to rotate the Padmabal.

The Local peoples also do their utmost to help the visitors in every way possible. Although the bill has not had the opportunity to operate such a boat, many are now coming to the bill. The people of this village are also earning some extra income by turning the boat over to the people who come on the bill. Many small and small shops have also been set up on the bill.

How to go padmabil in gopalganj

There are buses to Gopalganj from Gulistan, Saidabad or Gabtali in the capital. Among them, Tungipara Express, Emad Transport, Dola, BRTC Madhumati Express Transport can come here on many buses. There are also Comfort Line, Service Greenline, Golden Line Transport Buses. These buses pass through Paturia. The local bus rent is 300 to 400 Taka. And the air-conditioned (AC) bus rent is around 400 to 500 Taka.

If you come on the way of paturia at night the buses will drop you on Gopalganj suburban police lines in the very early morning. From there, Ijibike or Mahendra will rent the village of Balakir in Sadar Upazila. Rent from 250 to 300 taka. It will take 20 to 25 minutes. Then from there, you have to go the Mahendra stand of Balakir directly to the bridge near Piru Sardar’s house on the south side. Boat rentals are available to rotate this bill from under this bridge.

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