Pagla Baro Jame Masjid A Old Mosque Of Shunamganj

Pagla Boro Jame Masjid (Pagla Boro Jame Masjid) is located on the banks of the river Mahasing near Pagla Bazar in South Sunamganj Upazila of Sunamganj district, on the side of the Sylhet-Sunamganj highway. It is also known to many as Raipur Bara Jame Mosque. The mosque is famous for its architectural style and exquisite craftsmanship. Yasin Mirza, a local businessman, took the initiative to build the mosque. Construction began in 1931. The work lasted for ten years. The chief mechanic was brought from Calcutta. The length of the two-storied mosque is 150 meters and the width is 50 meters. The height of the dome is 25 feet and the thickness of the walls is 10 feet. The mosque has 3 domes and 6 high minarets. Railway slippers have been used on the two-story roof of the mosque. At that time the construction cost was 10 lakh rupees. This mosque is also known as Raipur Bara Mosque in the area.

Pagla Baro Jame Masjid

The foundation stone of the mosque was laid on 5th Ashwin Friday, 1331 BS. Surprisingly, the installation is two-story, built entirely of brick without the use of rods. The Jogalis, including the main mason, were Indians in the construction of the mosque. The original architect was named Mumin Astagar, whose ancestor is said to have worked at the Taj Mahal in India. At that time he built a residence in Dhaka. Construction has been going on for about ten years. The mosque is 6 feet long and 25 feet wide with a veranda and a total height of 40 feet with a dome. The mosque has six minarets on six pillars, three huge domes, and twelve more minarets of smaller size. The foundation of the installation is built on a very strong sheet by digging the ground like an earthquake prevention system. As a result, many large earthquakes have not been able to crack the mosque so far. No major renovations are needed after construction.

The view inside the mosque is more aesthetic. The main place for prayers is on two floors. You have to be amazed to see the artwork on the floor and its surroundings. In the mihrab part, attractive designs have been made by cutting gorgeous stones. The carved tiles up to a height of three feet around the entire mosque also indicate a high standard of architecture. The tiles were brought from Italy, Germany, and England.

There are rare white stones on the two-story floor, and the ‘black stone’ in the block around it is even rarer. These were brought from Jaipur, India. River communication with undivided India was easy at that time. So naturally, the mosque is built along the river bank. Worshipers always get a temperature-friendly feeling during prayers. This type of stone has been used only in the Taj Mahal. Such stones are not used anywhere else in the country. Pagla Bara Jame Mosque is one of the places of interest in Sunamganj.

Way To Go At Pagla Baro Jame Masjid

From Sunamganj Sadar, you can easily reach this big Jame Mosque of Raipur by autorickshaw or CNG reserve.

Where Will Stay

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