Toilafang Jharna A Beautiful Water Fall At Khagrachori

Toilafang Jhorna is located in Katalmoni Para, a village in the middle of the Matiranga Upazila boundary of Khagrachhari district. The fountain is 50 feet high and more than 20 feet wide.

Since the Tailaphang waterfall is in a very rural area, you will not find good quality shops here. There is only one store. You can eat tea and biscuits. But it is better to bring food, potable water, and other necessities from the city. The main hope of descending from a high mountain to a waterfall is one’s own hands and feet. You have to go down carefully by leaning on trees and herbs. It is better to go on a rainy day or before or after a sunny day. Wet soil becomes slippery and soft in the rain, so it is better to go down with a hard rope.


There are 2 more small and big springs next to the Tailaphang waterfall. Just across the road just opposite the Tailaphang waterfall, you will see two small and large waterfalls at the end of a rocky forest. The distance from Tailafang is about 50 meters. There are high rocky hills on both sides of Jhiri. There are big boulders, trees. Streams are flowing down the rocky walls.

Way To Go Toilafang Jharna

There are multiple ways to get to Tailaphang Falls. The distance from the Khagrachhari district is less when you cross the Maratila area of ​​Panchhari Upazila. At the end of the path will have to conquer two terrible mountains. From Khagrachhari, CNG-powered autorickshaws, Mahindra, pickups, motorcycles can be reached by road. On the way from Panchhari Bazar to Tabalchhari, after Moratila, you have to go down to Katalmoni Para-Vaibonchhara connecting the road a little further from the principal’s garden. The distance from here to Katalmoni Para is about 7/8 km. Methopath. If it rains, you have to walk. In dry weather, it is possible to travel more than 4 km by motorcycle. It can take up to two hours to reach the fountain on foot from Pichdhala Road.

If you go to the Buddhist monastery area along the raw methopath from the connecting road and ask anyone, they will show you the way down to the waterfall. This descent is the most terrifying. The slightest inattention can lead to serious accidents. Of course, caution must be exercised.

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