Zingsiam Saiter A Water Fall At Bandorban

The Zingsiam Saitar waterfall is located next to Rumana Para in Ruma Police Station, Bandarban. There is a sad story associated with this name. Gingsium is the name of a bomb girl. Rumana lived in the neighborhood. Was very restless. One day I went to Zuma to fetch vegetables. He was supposed to return before noon. But the afternoon also rolled. After the evening parole, the people of the neighborhood went out to look for him. His body was found at the foot of the fountain at around 2 am to find many. From then on, the name of Saitara or spring is Gingsium. It has three steps. Each step is uniquely beautiful. You can also go through the Lunthausih neighborhood. If you stay in Rumana Para, you have to go back to Para after seeing Kund and the second and first steps. And if you stay in Lunthausih Para, you can see all the steps and go to Rumana Para.

Zingsiam Saiter

Rumana Para, a bomb neighborhood. Earlier it was called Sankup Para, it was named after a trader called ‘Sankup’. It is named after the location of the neighborhood at the end of the Ruma canal. Rumana Para, like other Bam Paras, is quite clean. The head of the neighborhood is called ‘Karbari’. In addition to the primary school in the neighborhood, there is a church.

Route: Bandarban to Ruma Bazar – Bagalek – Keokradong – Pasingpara – Sungsang Para – Rumana Para – Jingsium Saitar.

Way To Go At Zingsiam Saiter

From Fakirapul, S Alam, Saudia and many more transport buses can be taken to Bandarban. Rent 720 TK. 150 per person by jeep from Bandarban to Ruma. Reserve Moon car rental from Ruma to Boga Lake is around two and a half thousand rupees. Then the rest of the walkway. It may take six to seven hours to reach Rumana Para.

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