Pirgachha Rubber Garden Of Different Seasons At Tangail

Pirgachha Rubber Garden

In the green kingdom, golden light peeks through the rows of rubber trees. The play of light and shadow goes on from time to time. Where the green fair is swept away by infinite fascination. Rows of raw green leaves and tall trees stand parallel as if parading. Just trees and trees as far as the eye can see. The endless silence of the forest reminds me of the feeling of peace.

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Pirgachha rubber garden

Who would not like to lose in the nature of escaping from civic life? See the cosmos at Pirgachha rubber garden. You can turn around for a while in the gap of mechanical life from this amazing mail bond of nature Pirgachha Rubber Garden is located at Madhupur in Tangail The Pirgachha Rubber Garden of about 3,000 acres was established in 1986. The number of rubber trees in this garden is about 1 lakh 54 thousand 7 There are not only rubber trees, but also various kinds of fruit and flower trees The beauty of this rubber garden is incomparable.

Thousands of trees on either side and a vast path in the middle. Some paths are paved with bricks and some are paved with red soil. The smell of the soil is like becoming one with nature. These rubber trees are often equal in length. Which makes it look even more wonderful. The mind will want to get lost in this forest while walking the path of the garden. Light and shadow play here in the midst of the rubber trees. The golden light of the sun hides in the green sea.

The beauty of the garden

One of the beauties of this garden is that it changes its shape with the seasons. In winter, all the leaves of these trees fall off and become empty. Artistic beauty can be seen in these deciduous trees. They get new youth back in the rainy season. Became a wonderful picture of green-freshness. The green carpet is spread on the trees Cut the bark with a knife in each trunk of this tree And white streaks come out through that slit part

You will find a huge factory just a short distance from the road on the east side of the garden office. Here the rubber sheet is made. In the morning, white raw rubber-like milk is collected and stored in big houses. From there, rubber sheets are made using various processes and machines. It would be nice to see this processing of rubber.

In the middle of this rubber plantation is the settlement of the Garos. You can see their struggling life journey here. At the end of the garden, you will see the average of Madhupur. Meanwhile, some wild animals can be seen. Especially here you will see monkeys. There is a guesthouse next to the garden office. Surrounded by colorful flowers, this half-built building is very beautiful. Accommodation is subject to permission at this guest house. The guesthouse with a colorful rice canopy is a great place to relax.


Pirgachha Rubber Garden

Here you will actually get the opportunity to enjoy the rain. The feeling of sitting in the guest house with a cup of hot tea and watching the rain is really awesome. The view of the rain falling from the leaves of the trees in the garden will fascinate you. There is the sound of rain falling on the tin rice. Also, the experience of walking in this garden on a full moon night is wonderful. At this time the whole garden appeared with unique beauty.

How to get there:

You can go directly to Madhupur from Mohakhali in Dhaka. There are different buses to Madhupur in Mohakhali. The rent will be 200-300 Tk. The rubber garden is 10 km from the Madhupur bus stand. From the bus stand, you can go to the rubber plantation by autorickshaw, CNG, or motorbike. Autorickshaw fare will be 25-35 Tk. You can rent a motorcycle to go around the whole garden. In that case, the rent will be 300-600 Tk.

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