Putney Island: A Beautiful Island In Sundarban Of Khulna

putney island

Putney Island is an island in the Khulna district of Bangladesh, also known as Dwipchar to the locals. Putney Island is one of the most beautiful green lands in the Sundarbans. Deep forest on one side and vast beach-like area on the other and dense green meadows along the canals in the middle.

An eye-catching and mind-blowing scenes. The island of Putney at the mouth of the Arpangasia River and the Bay of Bengal through the Sundarbans. At the high tide time, the whole area is floating and at low tide, the whole area is a shelf.

The morning sun is right in front of my eyes and again in the afternoon, the sun sets at the mouth of the Bay of Bengal. You can see some private island and survival islands in other countries or Hollywood movies. And putney island is also similar to them.

Good to know – Not a lot of people go here. Don’t go fishermen too. Because there are some areas in Sundarbans were declared as a fish sanctuary. There did not have permission to go.

However, due to the abundance of crabs here, many people go to collect crabs. And just as there are deer in the deep forest, there are also fish in the canals. In a word, the deer and fish sanctuary is basically Putney Island. However, there are no tigers on the island.

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How To Go Putney Island

You can go to Putney Island through Dublar Char and you can also go through Hiran Point. In other words, you can take a trawler from Mongla in Bagerhat to Hiran Point or Dublar Char to go Putney Island. To get to the island, you must first get permission from the forest department. You have to leave with permission from the forest department office in Mongla or the forest department office in Hiron Point.

Since the island is Char Jaga Island, it is not possible to go on a big launch. So, rely on the trawler. Trawlers are a bit difficult to find, as this route is very unfamiliar to fishermen or trawler drivers. So, you have to go to Mongla and talk to different trawler drivers and see an experienced and well-known driver and take the trawler.

It is better not to go in the rainy season because the weather is hostile. And not so perfect for camping, because at night when the tide rises, the whole green desert can be submerged. So, eat-sleep-stay in the trawler.

Talking to the sailors about renting a trawler, coming to the trawler with the idea, always going to the market, getting enough pure water and medicine. Then began the adventure.

Where To Stay:

There is no overnight stay. You can try camping, but you have to pitch the tent in a place where the tide cannot rise. In addition, the food in the trawler can be easily arranged. In that case, you have to buy the required amount of food from Mongla and get on the trawler.

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