Sangu River:The Marvelous Beauty Of Hilly River In Bandarban

Sangu River

Bangladesh is the natural beauty surrounded by numerous rivers. The river is not only part of the people of this country but also one of the beauties of this country. The river is one of the great attractions of nature lovers and travelers. They are going so many places to enjoy the beauty of the river.

There are lots of beautiful rivers in our country. Our country is also known as the land of rivers. Here, there are lots of rivers that stand with their beauty. Sangu river is such of one of them. Sangu is one of the mountainous rivers of the beauty of the mountain cloudy land Bandarban.

Sangu River Of Bandarban

The Sangu River is located in Bandarban. It flows north to Bandarban in Chittagong hill tracts. Entering Bandarban on the east side, the river came out of the western side of the district and after flowing about 270 km, merged into the Bay of Bengal.

The length of the river from the source to the Bay of Bengal is 170 km. The Sangu River is one of the many rivers originating in Bangladesh. The river was born in the mountains of Madak area of ​​Bandarban district bordering Myanmar.

Another name for this beautiful hill is Shankha. This river is crazy, somewhere quiet and quiet somewhere along the hillside. You will be amazed at the beauty of the mountains, forests, rivers and fountains on the two banks of this river.

In a word, you will not only be amazed at the beauty of this river but the fascination will consume you. Rows of mountains on both sides of the river.

Sangu River

In the monsoon, there are numerous rocks, small and large, called the mountain bay. At the sound of trickery, the flowing water of the stream comes into the river. Clouds floating over the mountains. It would seem that the clouds floating like cotton could be touched by hand.

The clouds accumulate on the summit of the hillside. This beauty really captivates. The river does not have much flow in winter, but there are strong currents during the monsoon.

Apart from this, you can experience great boat trips at a low cost in the water of this river. The generous beauty of this river will fascinate you as it will bring you peace of mind. You will be lost in the beauty of the water, floating in the bosom of wonderful waters.

The mountain beauty along the river will mesmerize you. Besides the boat trip on the Sangu River, there are picnic facilities around the river. If you want, you can also enjoy the joy of a picnic at a party.

How To Go Sangu River?

Bandarban has a good communication system from any district of the country. From Dhaka Kalabagan, Saidabad and Fakirapool, the bus for transporting Shyamoli, Hanif, Unique, S Alam, Dolphin, etc left for Bandarban. You can easily comes to Bandarban by boarding one of these buses.

The fares for these non-AC and AC buses will be between 550-1500 Tk. It takes 8-10 hours to reach Bandarban by bus from Dhaka.

Sangu River

Besides, you can travel directly to Bandarban, first to Chittagong by train at Metro, Tula or Chattala Express. From Badarhat in Chittagong city, non-AC buses to Purbali and Eastern Transit leave for Bandarban for every 30 minutes.

From Bandarban city, the first Chand car to Thanchi leaves at 9 am. The rent is one hundred forty-five taka. It takes about four hours. Thanchi Bazar, surrounded by hills, is a lowly place. The Sangu River flows along the market.

Where To Stay:

There are numerous hotels, motels, resorts and rest houses in Bandarban. Where you can stay from 600 to 3000 Tk. Some notable resorts and hotels are – Holiday Inn Resort, Hillside Resort, Hotel Four Star, Hotel Three Star, Hotel River View, etc.

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