Jadipai Waterfall: The Queen Of Beautiful Fountains

Jadipai Fountains

The beauty of the Bandarban hills and fountains always attract the travel lovers. That’s why travelers come here by crossing many difficult paths to enjoy the beauty of these hills and fountains. The beauty of Bandarban fountains, a tale of many beauties, also beats the dreamy beauty. A favorite destination for fountain lovers is Bandarban. And the Jadipai fountain is one of the extraordinary fountains that flows endlessly into the deep forest of Bandarban. This fountain is called the most beautiful fountain in Bangladesh. If you have not yet seen the beauty of the queen Jadipai, then look at this fountain soon.

This mountain fountain is located at Jadipai Para in Ruma Upazila of Bandarban district. This fountain has a different touch of beauty. High mountains and deep forest. Quietness all around. In the meantime, the transparent cool stream of the mountain’s chest has come down. Jadipai’s immense beauty seduces travel lovers. On one side is the huge ‘Kewkradong’ hill and the most beautiful indigenous village of Bangladesh, ‘Passing Para’.

Passing para is the highest height village in Bangladesh. On top of the cloud, when it rains during the monsoon it does not rain often. The rain starts from below it. Jadipai is found just below the passing lane. An undeniably beautiful village wrapped in green is Jadipai Para. And if he gets laid, he will get Jadipai fountain.

Jadipai Waterfall Of Bandarban

This fountain is different from all other fountains in Bangladesh. All the other fountains fall in water perpendicularly but the water of Jadipai falls to the level like a ladder.  There are lots of tallest trees stand around the Jadipai fountains which have been hiding the Jadipai fountains from everyone. There is no way to see it even if it is near to this tree, to find Jadipai you have to follow the constant sound of its water falling. This beautiful fountain falls a few tonnes of water a second during the rainy season.

The pigment is made after reading the sun. Here you will see many rainbows together. The heavenly beauty has come down to the earth. Coldwater reads like steps up and down the body. There is really magic in the weirdly beautiful Jadipai fountain. The size, shape, natural beauty of this huge shower will engulf you in a magical magic. You will be able to add to the mind and soul soaking in the water of the shower.

jdipai jarna

The jadipai fountain is much safer than all the other fountains because the water is not fall directly. There is no danger of falling on some heavy things on heads from above. The funniest thing about Jadipai is that a group of monkeys guarding it, their task is to guard at the bottom of the fountain, sitting at the top of the hill.

Apart from the monkey party, there is much to see in Jadipai. On the one side of the fountain, a huge thick tree has broken down many years ago. A large moss is laid on it and it has built a nest in the basement of the tree. The water of the pond has formed a pond deep in the waist, the water in the pond is so transparent that even the pieces of stone carved into the toes can be easily counted.

Rain will fall on the head of ice-cold water particles. The water can be filled with azure water. With a little courage, you can get up and sit comfortably on some rocks in the shower for hours after hours. Water will fade in the face of the fog like a fog in the mouth of another well.

How To Go Jadipai Waterfall

You have to come to Bandarban first to go to BogaLake. Bandarban has good communication system from any district of the country. From Dhaka Kalabagan, Saidabad and Fakirapool, the bus for transporting Shyamoli, Hanif, Unique, S Alam, Dolphin, etc left for Bandarban. You can easily get to Bandarban by boarding one of these buses. The fares for these non-AC and AC buses will be between 550 to 1500. It takes 8-10 hours to reach Bandarban by bus from Dhaka.

Besides, you can travel directly to Bandarban, first to Chittagong by train at Metro, Tula or Chattala Express. From Badarhat in Chittagong city, non-AC buses to Purbali and Eastern Transit leave for Bandarban for every 30 minutes.

Bandarban has to go down to Kaixhangjiri. Get there in two hours on a local bus or moon car. The rent is Tk 80. Chand’s car reserve will cost three thousand five hundred four thousand two hundred. From Kaikshangjiri to Rumabazar, the ferry price is 30 Taka. If the reserve goes one thousand taka. From Ruma, you have to go to Boga Lake. Here the car rental of Chanda is like two thousand rupees.

To go to Jadipai, you must follow this route. In this case, the cost of renting a guide will cost Tk 25000. You can get down from the car at Boga Lake and climb up the hill to the hostel of ‘Siam Didi’. Just a walk from there. Shrimp shrubs, Darjeelingpara, Keokradong, Passingpara, and Jadipaipara will reach the Jadipai fountain within a short time.

Where To Stay:

There is no such arrangement to stay in Jadipai. You can stay in the garden. There are no high-quality hotels or resorts in Bagale. The indigenous people have some small cottages. You need to stay in one of those cottages. In the natural environment, it will cost Tk 100-200 per person to live in these cottages. One-room cottage can accommodate 5-6  people. Also, separate cottages can be arranged for couples or women.

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