Mirinja Tourism complex: Aesthetic Tourist Hub of Bandarban

Mirinja Tourism Complex

About one and a half thousand feet above from the plane land where the cloud touches the mountain. As far as it can be seen, only the white cloud vale. The green streaks to Down. Occasionally boiling white fountains and the house of indigenous peoples peep sometimes.

The sweet aroma of wildflowers is coming to the nose. Such incredible beauty will be seen at the Mirinja Tourism Complex. In a state of pure bliss, the sky has opened to the everlasting joy of the city’s mechanical life. Mountains and clouds can be seen here. Love of nature will awaken in anyone’s mind.

Mirinja is located at a distance of 16 km from Luck-Alikadam road, from Duck Dighi in Chakria area of Chokria to Cox’s Bazar. The place has developed into an attractive tourist spot under the supervision of the tourism corporation.

Mirinja Tourism Complex Of Bandarban

A sculpture of a responding Titanic ship has been erected on the southern tip of the hill of Mirinja to attract tourists. The name of the place is now Titanic Hill. Standing at the top of the Titanic, you will remember the story of the Titanic ship which is built hundreds of years ago. From here you can see the spectacular sunset. the beauty of this dawns the view of Cox’s Bazar’s sunset many times.

Once you see this scene you will want to come back here again and again. Standing on this hill, there is an opportunity to see the light of the night ornaments of Cox’s Bazar and the ornamental lighthouse in the Bay of Bengal.

Binoculars have been set up from this summit to see the waves of the seaside, floating ships of the Bay of Bengal. It adds to the joy of traveling pirates. Built on a picturesque corridor, Rest House with Waiting Shed Banaratna.

Here is a two-level Golghar Malancho with a bridge connecting the place of the story of sitting alone with your relatives. There have also been telescope houses and platforms. You can see the moon on a moonlit night from the chandrama golghar.

Here is a mini baby park for children to entertain. Children can enjoy a meal at state-of-the-art restaurants adjacent to Children’s Park.

A pair of green hills can be heard from almost a thousand feet deep to the east with the endless kalatan forming water. You will see wild birds, rabbits or wolves while traveling. Deep shrubbery, forest roar, deer calls, occasional wild elephant screams.

An amazing combination of primitive nature in this Mirinja tourist complex. You will also see the simple life of the indigenous people in Tonghar. You want to leave the urban life for a while and join them.

In the first part of the day, anyone can visit the Mirinja Tourism Complex within an hour and a half to visit Dula-Hazra Safari Park or Cox’s Bazar.

How To Go:

There are various AC and non-AC bus services from Dhaka to Cox’s Bazar. Among them are Saudia, S Alam’s Mercedes-Benz, Green Line, Hanif Enterprise, Shyamoli Transport, Sohag Transport, among others. The fare will be between 900 to 2000 Tk per person. You have to comes Chakria by these buses. then get on the bus to Lama Bazar from Chakria. You will reach Mirinja within half an hour. The bus fare will be 50-70 taka.

Where to stay:

There are several good quality hotels in Lama Bazar in Lama Upazila. Here is the air-conditioned Miranda Hotel. Quality hotel is available at a low cost.

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