Rupmuhuri Fountain: A Glamarous Place Of Alikadam

Rupmuhuri fountain

Alikadam Upazila in Bandarban is the ideal travel destination for those people who love to be fascinated by the beauty of the mountain fountain. Here the flow of fountains falls in the inexpressible silence of the green hills. The beauty of Alikadam fountains fascinates any travel lover.

The fountain of the cosmic beauty is Rupmuhuri Fountain as like Alikadam. If you are a fountain lover you can visit the Alikadam of Bandarban.

Rupamuhuri fountain is located on the Kul-Ghat of the Matamuhuri River in the Poamuhuri area, about 40 km from Alikadam Upazila headquarters. The cool waters of the Rupamuhuri fountain are falling from the hills about 200 feet high.

Born at the base of a mountain surrounded by greenery, the water in such cool springs is like a touch of heaven. The fountain is still unfamiliar to many tourists at the foot of the green hillside.

The stream flows down the rocky slopes to the rocky ground from two hundred feet high. The falling water from the high mountains creates a fascinating aquatic habitat by constantly coiling the rocks with rocks. This shrub goddess at the base of a rocky mountain will take you in its playful stream of fascination. Surrounding is just astonishing smoke.

The Rupmuhuri Fountain Of Bandarban

The fountain created a beautiful poetic atmosphere in the sun. When the sun’s golden rays fall into the steamy water of the fountain, the rainbow is formed. This is a heavenly beauty. Can’t believe this rare beauty without seeing it in one’s own eyes. All the exhaustion goes away by observing the waters of Rupamuhuri.

You will become alive and the citizens will forget all the fatigue and plunge into an endless world of tranquility by the flow of water. Visiting this fountain of the inaccessible hill country is a great adventure.

In Poamuhuri there is another fountain called Poamuhuri on the Kulghen river in the Matamuhuri River. The distance between the Pomauhuri Fountain and the Rupamuhuri Fountain is one and a half kilometers. About a hundred and a half feet high, a stream of dancing poamuhuri falls.

If you want, you can see this incredible beautiful fountain. The last destination of these seeming fountains is the gentle deep currents of Matamuhuri flowing through the deceptive robe.

How To Go:

You have to come to Alikadam first to see the silver fountain. Every day a number of transport service buses leave for Bandarban from different places of Dhaka. Bandarban can ride on any bus such as Hanif, Unique, Shyamoli, S Alam, Dolphin, etc.

In that case, the bus will have to be taken to Chakoria Bus Terminal directly at home. From Chittagong you can also come by bus. From Chakoriya, Alikadam can also go by moon car. Local rent is 65 Tk per person. And if you take a reserve, the rent will be 1000-1200Tk.

The bus actually takes two hours and it takes 30 minutes or 40 minutes to get to Moon’s car. Then you have to come to Alikadam station from Chakoria Station by bus or jeep. The engine boat in the rain and speed boat in the dry season will have to go to Pamuhuri on the Matamuhuri River From the Matamuhuri Bridge area in the morning.

Then from the bus station to Tamtom or Rickshaw to Matamuhuri Bridge Ghat. From there you will have to come down to Pomuhuri Bazar by an engine-powered boat. During the monsoon season, the speed boat rent per person is 200 Tk and in the dry season 400-500 Tk. Apart from this, the rent will be 5000-600 Tk if you reserve it.

Where To Stay:

Alikadam Sadar has a living and eating facilities at Shailakuthi Resort. In the morning you can come to the upazila headquarters to see the fountains and stay here at night.

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