Dhoronti Haor: A Mini Cox’s Bazar Of Brahmanbaria

Dhoronti Haor

The people who want to like visit in the Haor and Beel area they can go Dhoronti Haor of Brahmanbaria District. The Meghna stand in the west of it and Titas in the east. Dhoronti situated in the middle of large wetland. In the rainy season, the nature of  Bengal looks so much beautiful. The shadow of her appearance fell on the chest. Dhoronti then swell up with full of waters.

Dhoronti Haor Of Brahmanbaria

Baisakh to Ashwin the haor stay with full of water. The light rays of the sun in the water of Haor become dazzling. The water was uprooted on the side of the Sarail-Nasirnagar road, which was cut off at Haor’s chest. Mainly on this road, the people are more involved in enjoying the beauty of Dhoronti. In the late afternoon, the gentle breeze and the flowing water make life calm and cool.

As the Sarail Nasirnagar road is a few miles long, you can walk far in the middle of Haor. Besides, you can enjoy the beauty of Haor Dudhar by riding a motorcycle. Some called it mini cox market because of the beauty of Dhoronti. This haor is satisfying the thirst for hundreds of traveling puppies every day. Eid worshiping festivals surround crowds of people.

This is basically a picnic spot. If you want you can also come here for a weekend with family-friendly friends. It is just three hours away from the capital, Dhoronti Haor. And can be returned in a day.

If you want to take a boat around the boat, you can do it. Boat rentals are available on the side of the road. The cost of traveling by boat is also affordable. However, no shops or places of residence have been established here.

The Other Places To Visit In Dhoronti

KalaBhairab Temple:

The idol of Kalbhairab is one of the major pilgrimage centers of the Hindu community in the Medda area, near Brahmanbaria. Kalbhairab is a historical and traditional temple situated on the banks of the Titas River. The main attraction of the temple is the 28-foot-high Kalavirab or Shiva statue. The statue, with its huge shape and eye-catching statue, was made in 1905.

You will go some distance along the road to Haor. The bridge will be visible there. Arriving at the speed boat from the 2nd bridge. You can visit Titas Para Kal Bhairab Temple at a rent of Tk 20 per person.

Raja Krishna Prasad Roy Chowdhury’s Rajbari:

The royal house you see in renowned fictionalist Humayun Ahmed’s last film ‘Gheetputra Kamala’ is the Rajbari of King Krishna Prasad Roy Chowdhury. Now you will see a dilapidated royal house. Locally it is known as the big house. The start of the haor from the front of the house. You can take a bath at the door of the house and take a bath. And next to the market there is fresh pond fish can be recovered by the haor.

How to go:

You can come to Dhoronti from Dhaka in a very short time. From Jatrabari or Saidabad, the bus will reach Sarail World Road. There are buses to transport Sohag, Tisha, and Titas from Dhaka to Brahmanbaria district. Auto rickshaw or CNG fare will be charged from 40-60 Tk. And if you want you can go to the Brahmanbaria district by train. The rent is about 145 Tk.

Besides, if you want to travel to KalBhairab you have to take auto-rickshaw. The fare will be charged 10 Tk. And if you want to travel King Krishna Prasad Roy then take a bus from the highway road for Madhabpur. Bus fare is 30 Tk. The rest of the way from Madhabpur to CNG. The rent is from 25 to 30 taka.

Where you live:

You have to go to Brahmanbaria Sadar to get a good quality hotel to stay here. You can also stay in Dak Bungalow in Nasirnagar. And for anyone who wants to stay low on budget trips, you can also stay in the headquarters and there is a stay at Sareel World Road for 300 to 400 Tk.

N.B: Do not throw garbage in there. Remember, our environment is our responsibility.

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