Ghagutia Padmabil: A Beautiful Flowers Land In Brahmanbaria

Ghagutia padmabil

If anyone brings you a bunch of handfuls of flowers, you must be happy! The beauty of the billions of puddles on the bill is really unprofitable. This is one of the most fascinating scenes in our traditional village of Bengal. In the song, poets have spoken of Nilpadma numerous times in the poem.

Ghagutia is a village on the border of Moniond Union in Akhaura Upazila of Brahmanbaria. On the other hand, Madhabpur village of Amtali police station in West Tripura, India. This huge paddle bill is located in the middle of these two villages in Bangladesh and India. Every year, the paddy blossoms on this bill spanning 120 acres, from Ashar to Kartik month.

Padma bloom begins in the month of Ashar, till the continuous Kartik month, and the whole lotus leaves remain in full color for five months. When the water comes down from the bill, the Padma slowly disappears from the bill. Boro rice is cultivated here for the rest of the time.

Ghagutia Padmabil Of Brahmanbaria

Millions of Padma flowers are seen in this bill. Usually, in the morning the number of lotus flowers is highest. The villagers collect a lot of pada flowers so you will see scattered branches of palm flowers scattered around. When traveling by boat, you will be able to collect Padma flowers and Padma fruit. Who would not love to be on the hand full of paddle flowers?

The whole bill is not only a lotus flower but also a variety of aquatic flowers, such as shalok flowers, moonset flowers. In the rainy season, there are hundreds of Padma flowers in the seat. Some of the visitors come to enjoy the beauty or come to take pictures.

Someone again rode on the boat and brought the Padma flowers from the Bill. It is another nature lover’s paradise. This is very rare to see this type of Flowers Bill.

Indian borders are easily seen beside this bill. About 80 percent of this bill is in Bangladesh, but the rest is in India. During the dry season, the water of the bill is completely dry. Once again during the monsoon, the bill is filled with puddles and other aquatic flowers.

Thousands of entertainment of people come from different parts of the country to see the bill. Boats are rented as bills to rotate at Padmabil. Locals earn extra money by renting a boat. Visitors are constantly crowded here to enjoy the beauty of the Padma sitting on the bill.

This Padma flower is used in the worship of Durga Devi of the Hindu religion. For this reason, in this month of Ashwin, people from Bangladesh and India collect the large number of lotus flowers. They are also sold in the local market of India. From this bill, children bring flowers by boat. Also, children eat the fruits contained in boiling flowers. They also sell these flowers for four to five Tk. Children make around 400-500 flowers every day.

How to go:

Akhaura railway station by train from Dhaka. The Train Rent is 65 to 250 Tk. you can reach in the bill by costing 250-300 Tk On CNG or Auto-Rickshaw. It is good to take the Autorickshaw Reserve. Because the autorickshaw is not regularly available in the Gagutia area.

Where to stay:

There are several hotels to stay in Akhaura. Notable among them are Nine Star Residential Hotel & Restaurant, Rainbow Residential Hotel, Hotel Brighton Rest House (Residential), Hotel Green Rest House, Hotel Brother Rest House, Hotel Banani Rest House, Hotel Tower Plaza, etc.

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