Language Shaheed Abdus Salam Library And Memorial Museum

Shaheed Abdus Salam

Language Martyr Abdus Salam, who was killed in 1952 in the struggle for recognition of the Bengali language. In recognition of his self-sacrifice and to commemorate his sacrifice, the Bahasa Shaheed Abdus Salam Library and Memorial Museum were built in his own village in Feni. Shahid Abdus Salam was born in 1925 in Lakshanpur village (now Salam Nagar) of Matubhuna union in Daganbhuna Upazila.

Abdus Salam’s father Fazil Mia was working as a peon in the industrial department of the then government of Pakistan in Dhaka in 1952. During the language movement, he lived in the 36th quarter of the Nilkhet Barracks next to the Dhaka Medical College. He was shot dead by police during a protest in front of the Dhaka Medical College Hostel on 21 February 1952, demanding state recognition of his mother tongue, Bengal. He died on 7 April 1952 after undergoing treatment at Dhaka Medical College for a month and a half.

To preserve the memory of these language martyrs, the Government of Bangladesh established the Language Martyr Abdus Salam Library and Memorial Museum in Salam Nagar. He was also posthumously awarded the Ekushey Padak in February 2000.

Many people come every day to see this museum established in Salamnagar. The book fair is also held here in February every year.

How to get there:

The Library and Memorial Museum are located near the Matubhuna Bridge on the right side of the Feni Noakhali Road, 6 km from the Feni town or Mahipal junction in Feni. It can be reached by bus or CNG powered autorickshaw from Mahipal junction.

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