Historic Shaheed Hadith Park At Khulna

Shaheed Hadith Park

The historical Shaheed Hadith Park in Khulna is the birthplace of many movements and struggles. Political, social, and cultural activities take place in this park starting from morning and evening walks. The park has become one of the focal points of the entertainment thirsty. Starting from the anti-British movement, all the struggles and struggles of Khulna have revolved around Shaheed Hadith Park. The central Shaheed Minar of Khulna is in this park.

The park is located on the west side of the Khulna branch of Bangladesh Bank on Babukhan Road in Khulna city. This historical park is a very popular place in Khulna city. Hundreds of people visit here every day. The pair of this park match the load to fill the open air in a pleasant environment and refresh the body and mind. That is why this Shaheed Hadith Park is a well-known name among the people of Khulna.

After the establishment of Khulna Municipality in 1884, the municipal authorities established this park called ‘Khulna Municipal Park’ for the entertainment of the city dwellers. On June 16, 1925, Mahatma Gandhi addressed the park. The park was named Gandhi Park in honor of his memory. After the partition of the country in 1947, the park was renamed, Jinnah Park. After that, it was renamed Khulna Municipal Park. Later, it was renamed ‘Shaheed Hadith Park’ after Shaheed Sheikh Hadisur Rahman Babu, who was shot dead by the police during the last anti-Ayub Khan procession on 21 February 1969.

Shaheed Hadith Park

This historic Hadith Park was developed from 2011 to 2014 under a project at a cost of Taka 8 crore 40 lakh. Under the project, a plaza with Shaheed Minar on the west bank of the pond has been constructed at the initiative of the Local Government Department of the Ministry of Local Government, Rural Development and Cooperatives with the funds of GoB. Under the project, the RCC boundary wall was constructed around the park, retaining the RCC wall and railing around the pond and walkway. Construction of public toilets, land development, construction of fountains in ponds in front of city buildings. Also, excellent electrical work and plantation and beautification are done.

Shaheed Hadith Park has three gates on the north, south, and west sides. In front of the west, the gate is the beautiful Shaheed Minar. In memory of the martyrs of Ekushey, people from all walks of life including political parties, social and cultural organizations, institutions, and organizations of Khulna pay homage at this Shaheed Minar. Not only Ekushey February but also the motives of the martyrs on various issues are paid homage here. Various events are organized in this park at the government-private level. Inside the park there is a huge lake of clear water, in the middle of the lake there are fascinating water fountains and a variety of fish. Standing on the railing on the bank of the pond, the visitors see the ups and downs of the fish with the fountain stream. There is an artificial hill on the north side of the park. Many people climb the hill and see the breathtaking view. There are concrete benches for sitting in the park. There is a beautiful flower garden by the side of the walkway which has brought vitality and extra beauty to the whole park environment. The park has an observation tower. The city of Khulna can be seen at a glance from the top of this tower. And admission here is absolutely free.

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How to get there:

From Khulna city, you can easily reach Shaheed Hadith Park by rickshaw or battery-powered autorickshaw.

You can go directly to Khulna by road from Dhaka. Among the buses flying between Dhaka and Khulna are Hanif Enterprise, Green Line, Eagle Transport, etc. Rent varies from 350 to 600 Tks.

Khulna can also be reached by rail. For this, there are two intercity trains from Dhaka called Sundarbans Express and Chitra Express.


There are several residential hotels in Khulna for accommodation. Some of them are-

CSS Rest House (041-722355)

Hotel Castle Salam (041-730725)

Hotel Royal International (041-813067-9) Platinum Jute Mills Limited Rest House (041-762335)

LGED Rest House (041723183).

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