Shimul Bagan Sunamganj : শিমুল বাগান ভ্রমণ গাইড (তাহিরপুর)

shimul bagan sunamganj

Shimul Flower Garden is located on the banks of the Jadukata river at Tahirpur in Sunamganj, covering more than 100 bighas land. At the noon of spring, the reddish aura of shimul which matches the petals is filled with the mind, and woke up the sleepy heart breaks. It was like a shimul desert decorated with fantasy colors.

Shimul Bagan Of Sunamganj

The Meghalaya hills of India on the other hand. The magical river and the shimul forests on the middle. All in all, one of nature’s unique poems has been developed. On the Lau of Tahirpur upazila of Sunamganj, this shimul garden was established 14 years ago on a land of 2 thousand 400th century, a local businessman named Jainal Abedin. When spring comes, when two thousand trees are full of flowers, then how can tourists not catch the eye!

When To Go There:

The beauty of the blood of the Shimul forest is seen once a month. you can see the flowers on the tree at the beginning of the month of Falgun (Bengali Month).

The Way To Go Shimul Garden Of Sunamganj

The Shyamoli / Mamun / Ena bus goes from Dhaka to Sunamganj. The bus fare is 500-550 Tk.

The motorbike stands at the foot of the new bridge below Sunamganj. Barak Tila river will be rented 200 up to this bank. It is possible to go to the price of 150! Two can climb in one Bike.

They will drop you on the river of Jadukata. After crossing the ferry with the money of 5 tk, the barrack hill, from which the beautiful whole jadukata river can be seen. There are some tea shops down from the barracks. Asking them will show you the way to this beautiful flower garden as pictured.

shimul bagan sunamganj

Besides, if you want to get on the train, you can go to Sylhet. Night Train leaves at 9.50 pm from Kamalapur rail station for Sylhet. A sleeping chair will rent for 320 Tk. If you want to get a seat, you must take the ticket within 2-1 days before the ticket expires. You Can also be cut the ticket throw the online. The train will drop you in Sylhet in the very morning. Then Get into a bus from the Kumaragaon bus stand in Sylhet. The bus rent 100 Taka. It will take one and a half to two hours.

Where to Stay In Sunamganj

Rest houses in Borochhara Bazar are available. It cost will be 200-300 Tk. After cross barekchara tila the Borochhara Bazar. If you want to you can come by walking from Tekerghat to the Borachara market. Also, there is a limestone factory closed on the lakeside.


1. Kirpesh Das, caretaker of Upazila Dakbanglo: 01724968161

2. For Upazila guest house, have to request Upazila chairmen Mr. Anisul Haque. Phone: 01715172238

Apart from this, you will also get other hostels where you can stay by costing 200-1000tk.


  • Hotel Nur, East Bazar Station Road
  • Hotel Sarpiniya, Jagannath Bari Road
  • Hotel Nurani, Old Bus Stand
  • Hotel Mizan, East-Bazar
  • Hotel Palace, Old Bus Stand
  • Surma Valley Abashik Resort

Where To Eat:

There was a hotel in barek tila. you can eat at borochhara bazar. There was a market in Tekerghat and a small hotel. You can also be eating there. There are some Restora on the other side of Shimul Bagan. Kadirer Resotora will be perfect for eating delicious food.

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