Siddheswari Moth A Historical Temple At Magura

Siddheswari Moth

Siddheswari Math, also known as Atharkhada Siddheswari Math, is located on the banks of the river Nabaganga in the village of Atharkhada, a mile and a half away from the city of Magura. In ancient times, the monastery was known as Kalikatala crematorium. From time immemorial, a monastery has been erected in this crematorium and a stone-and-stone statue of Siddheshari Mata. This place full of the deep forest was the place of austerities of the monks. In the seventeenth century and even before that, people from here used to go to Kamakhya for pilgrimage along the Nabaganga. Due to that many saints used to gather at that place at that time. At one time a monk from the present Chittagong region named Rangamacharya was the monk-husband of Siddheswari Math. He came to this Kalikapur Siddheshari Math and started living there from the time when Brahmandagiri or Brahmanandagiri initiated Srimanta Roy or Ranbir Khak, the ruler of Naldanga, a long time later.

Siddheswari Moth

At that time there was no shelter for the monks in the monastery. Then, on the orders of the initiation guru Brahmandagiri at Srimantra, the chief of Naldanga, he built a habitable ashram for the saints in the previous monastery and donated 250 bighas of land in the form of Debore. The cosmos was alive for a long time. King Chandicharan, Indranarayana, and Suranarayana were all his disciples. After the Brahmandgiri introspection, Magura Kalikapur Siddheswari Math did not attract the attention of later kings. Due to the carelessness and selfishness of the cowherds employed by the monks, its worship gradually deteriorated and the monastery became in a bad condition. The rocks were quickly abducted and the temples were destroyed and demolished. The puja is moved to the pot and the ritual is somehow preserved. Some even tried to make a profit by owning the monastery site, but they did not succeed.

All have become obsolete or extinct. For this reason, the place became very forested. About two hundred years later, a Brahmin saint named Amalananda came to the place and re-established the monastery as per his dream. Awakening Kalikapur again, Amalananda Sanyasi built a new pucca temple on the ruins of the ancient temple of Kalikapur Math and placed a magnificent earthen idol of Kalika in it. The two corpses’ children danced on the shoulders of Shyama Shiva. Divya Kiran has become distracted from the gaze of his horrible idol. Nowadays such idols are not seen anywhere else. The cosmos was alive for a long time. It is pertinent to mention here that later, according to the wishes of the Naldanga kings, Brahmandgiri Magura built a temple of Goddess Siddheshari at Naldanga in imitation of the Siddheshari Math at Kalikapur.

Many people combine the history of Naldanga Siddheshari temple architecture with the history of the Siddheshari temple in Magura. The Magura Siddheshari temple dates back to antiquity and its exact architectural year is not known. It is not known who built this temple. It is also worth mentioning here that Kalikapur and Magura Kalikapur of Naldanga are different places.

How to go to Siddheswari Math

From Dhaka, Hanif, Sohag, Eagle, Druti, and various buses can always reach Magura. Type of bus fare AC bus 850 Taka Chair bus 550 Taka Normal bus 250 Taka 3 km from Magura city. Siddheswari Math on the banks of the river Nabaganga in the village of Atharkhada in the north. Tempo, rickshaw, and van can be used.

Where to stay

Magura is an excellent district but the accommodation in Magura is not enough. There is no hotel to mention here to stay. However, the quality of service of residential hotels is disappointing.

1. Hotel Chalantika Sagar Biswas Magura Sadar, Magura

2. Shade Bithi District Council Magura Sadar, Magura

3. Postal Bungalow District Council

4. Magura Circuit House District Council, Magura Sadar.

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