Kotka Sea Beach A Beautiful Sea Beach At Bagerhat

Kotka Sea Beach

Kotka Sea Beach is one of the most interesting places in the Sundarbans. Cuttack has located about 90 km from the port of Mongla and is the main center of the Sundarbans East Sanctuary. One of the main attractions of the Sundarbans is the Royal Bengal Tiger. But seeing tigers in the forest is as risky as it is heavy.

However, both the sighting of the tiger and its safe stay is possible from the Katka Sanctuary, an excellent tourist destination in the Sundarbans. One of the main attractions of the Sundarbans is the Royal Bengal Tiger.

Apart from this, Katka Sanctuary has always occupied a special place in the list of tourist favorites due to the presence of beautiful Chitra deer herds, different species of birds, calm nature, and various wild animals.

Kotka Sea Beach

The Forest Department has a rest house in Cuttack. There is a wooden jetty here to get up from the launch at the resthouse. The rest house is just a short walk from the jetty. In front of it, you can see the huge waves of the deepwater of the sea. It is surrounded by numerous small and big canals.

Traveling by boat in these canals is very fun. Chitral deer can be seen grazing on the banks of the canal. Besides, monkeys, otters, and forest roosters can be seen. Sometimes the roar of the tiger can be heard. In the dark night, the light fair of millions of fireflies fascinates and fascinates.

Dense respiratory roots of mangrove plants can be seen at the bottom of the canal on the north side of the tail made of wood facing straight west from the back of the Katka Forest Department office. If you walk for a while in the south of the forest, you will see three tiger hills in a row. Tiger footprints are often seen on this hill.

Kotka Sea Beach

The Katkar Jamtala Watch Tower attracts tourists with its spectacular views of wildlife, deer herds, pigs running around, monkeys manipulating, tiger deer hunting, or tiger walking in a royal manner. Leaving behind the Cuttack Watch Tower, walk straight north for about three kilometers to Jamtala Beach.

Along the way, you can find the success of the name of the beach of different sizes of jam trees. Jamtala beach is secluded and clean. Crab artifacts can only be seen on the beach. Seen somewhere, the roots of a tree washed away by the waves of the tide. The beach goes straight east and ends at Kachikhali. Jamtala beach is not an ideal place for bathing.

Cost To Visit Kotka

The daily fee for each domestic tourist in the Katka Sanctuary area is Tk 150, for students Tk 30, and for foreign tourists Tk 1500. Outside the sanctuary, domestic tourists – 70 Tk and foreign tourists – 1000 Tk, students – 20 Tk, researchers – 40 Tk. In Karamjal, domestic tourists pay 20 Tk and foreign tourists 300 Tk. Helicopter/seaplane – one time 30 thousand Tk, renewal fee 10 thousand Tk.

Launch above 100 feet 15 thousand Tk, renewal fee four thousand Tk, launch 50 feet to 100 feet one time 10 thousand Tk, renewal fee three thousand Tk. Below 50 feet seven and a half thousand Tk and renewal fee two and a half thousand Tk, trawler three thousand Tk and renewal – 1500 Tk. Speedboat five thousand Tk and two thousand Tk. Jaliboat (tourist boat) two thousand Tks and one thousand Tk.

In addition to the fixed travel fee of the forest department, the daily guide fee is Tk 500, the launch crew fee is Tk 80, the security guard fee is Tk 300, the telecommunication fee is Tk 200, video camera fee is Tk 200 for domestic tourists, and Tk 300 for foreign tourists. On the occasion of Ras Purnima in the Sundarbans, the fee for pilgrims for three days is Tk 50 per person, unregistered trawler Tk 800, registered trawler Tk 200, and trawler location fee Tk 200 per day.

How To Go There Kotka Sea Beach

You can go directly to Bagerhat from Dhaka. Many vehicles leave from Saidabad in Dhaka every day from 6 am to 10 am and from 7 pm to 10 pm – Meghna (01717388553), Banful, Paryatak (01711131078), Falguni, Ara, Baleshwar, Hamim, and Dola.

Besides, Sohag (01718679302), Shakura (01711010450), Hanif, and Eagle Paribahan left Gabtali. Rent 300 to 400 rupees. The journey takes about 6 hours. You can also go to Khulna by train from Dhaka. You can take the intercity train Sundarban Express and Chitra Express to Khulna and then take a bus to Bagerhat. It takes about 40 minutes to reach Bagerhat from Rupsha. You have to walk or take an autorickshaw to get off the bus.

You will get a launch from Rupsa from Khulna or Mongla port of Bagerhat. Besides, boats to the Sundarbans are available from Mongla, Morelganj, and Sharankhola in Bagerhat. Sundarbans and tourist service buses go directly to Mongla from Dhaka’s Saidabad bus station.

Rent from Tk 400 to Tk450. Karamjal will have to take an engine boat from Mongla. The fare for an engine boat suitable for ten people is Tk 1,000 to Tk 1,200. These locomotives usually depart from the Mongla ferry terminal. Karamjal has to go by crossing the river of animals. This river is always more or less rough. So a good quality engine boat should be taken. Make sure in advance that the boat has an adequate life jacket and lifebuoy.

Where To Stay Bagerhat

Apart from tourist’s vessels, the Sundarbans Sanctuary also has accommodation at Nilkamal at Hiranpoint and Forest Department Resthouses at Kachikhali and Katka at Tiger Point. The fee for domestic tourists in Nilkamal is three thousand rupees per room, four rooms 12 thousand Tk. Kachikhali three thousand Taka per room, four rooms 10 thousand Taka. Katka two thousand takas per room, two rooms four thousand Taka.

In the case of foreigners, five thousand and 20 thousand Taka in Nilkamal, five thousand and 15 thousand Taka in Kachikhali, and five thousand and 10 thousand Takas in Katka. Besides, you can spend the whole day in Karamjal and stay at night in the port city of Mongla. Here is the motel of Bangladesh Tourism Corporation (04662-75100). The rent for non AC double room is Tk 1,200 and AC double room is Tk 2,000. Economy bed 600 Tk. There are also some standard hotels in Mongla town. Rooms will be available at these hotels for Tk 100 to Tk 600.

Or a standard hotel in Satkhira next to the Sundarbans and a rest house and dormitory at NGO Sushilan in Munshiganj, Shyamnagar. Apart from quality hotels like Hotel Royal, Castle Salam, Hotel Tiger Garden, Hotel West Inn, Hotel City Inn, Hotel Millennium, etc., there are standard hotels in Khulna metropolis.

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