The Winter Season In Beautiful Bangladesh Must See

The winter is one of the six seasons in Beautiful Bangladesh. It comes after autumn and consists of Bengali months of Posh and Magh. In this post I will try to cover up the winter season in Bangladesh is really important for you as a Bangladeshi.

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The Winter Season In Bangladesh
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Characteristics Of Winter Season In Bangladesh

The Winter Season is a pleasant and dry season in Bangladesh. In winter days are shorter than nights. The season is cold but not cold like that in European countries.

Beautiful Winter In Bangladesh

Nature of Winter Season

Winter is the season of fog and mists. Winter morning is usually foggy. The sun rises late, leaves of many trees dry up and fall. 

So the trees are bare of leaves and nature looks very dull. At the time of shivering cold, the old and the children bask in the sun. In the morning, they often gather straw and dry leaves to make fire and keep themselves warm. 

The rich remain comfortable with warm clothes. Winter is also the period of harvesting crops. Native cakes or pithas are usually made in winter.

Abundance Of Winter Season

Green vegetables like cabbage and cauliflower, tomatoes, potatoes and green vegetables are available in plenty. Date-juice is also available in this season.

Season of Activity

In this season people do not get tired of hard work. A lot of social festivities and exhibitions and outings takes place in winter. Communication remains in good condition as roads remain dry.

Last Words For Winter Season

Winter Season is a very entertaining season. Life becomes easy. The sun is not scorching. The wind blows gently. During this season the country seems to be clear and more bright. The presence of winter is interesting because spring the queen of the season follows it.

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