Common Birds of Bangladesh You Should To Know About Them

Bangladesh is a land of plenty and beauty. There are plenty of birds which have added beauty to the land. In this post, I will describe common birds of Bangladesh is really important and should to know.

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common birds of bangladesh
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Kinds of Bangladeshi Birds

There are various kinds of birds. They differ in size, colour, and nature. And so, they are broadly divided into four classes, namely, the teasing birds, the songbirds, the game birds and the plundering birds. There are uncommon birds known as guest birds. They visit Bangladesh every winter. They come from far off cold countries of the north.

The Teasing Birds In Bangladesh

These are the birds that tease us too often. The crow and the kite belong to the class. The crow is nastier than the kite. They steal away whatever they can peck at. They live on dead animals and all sorts of rotten and dirty things.

Common Birds of Bangladesh
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The Songs Birds In Bangladesh

Among them, the cuckoo is the most popular. It appears in the spring season when flowers bloom and nature looks gay and beautiful. It leaps from branch to branch and twig to twig. It hides behind the leaves and from there it sings the sweet song. The birds like parrots and mynah known as talking birds belong to this class. If trained they can talk like human beings. There are other songbirds. Doel is our national bird. They are bou-kotha-kao, the chandana, the salik and the doel. They are also liked by their beautiful looks.
The Game Birds: Game birds are killed for their tasty flesh. The pigeon, the dove, the snipe, the heron, the partridge, ducks, cranes and the teal are the game birds. The dove and pigeon may be called songbirds as they are noted for their `coos.’

Common Birds of Bangladesh
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The Plundering Birds Of Bangladesh

They are notorious for plundering habits. The hawk is the most prominent. It has keen eyes, sharp nails, and a sweeping nature. The kite and the crow may also be included in the group. The other plundering birds are the king-fisher and the sea-gull. There are also some very common birds which we always see around us. They are the tuntuni, the bulbul, the swallow or the sparrow. They are tinny birds. They show great skill in weaving their nest. They are also called the weaving birds. There are some other birds like the vulture and the owl. The vulture feed on dead animals and rotten things. The owl is active at night. It has a grave look like a `bogus-boo’ but it does not harm anybody. It lives on mice. Another bird known as wood-pecker is a wild bird.

Common Birds of Bangladesh
Source: travel.jumia.com

I already describe most of the common birds of Bangladesh above. Remember one thing here is birds should not be killed for fun. They keep our environment balanced, net and clean.

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