Top 11 Largest group of companies in Bangladesh

It is true that is Bangladesh is the over populated country in the world. But it has so many resources for tackle the poverty system. Bangladesh is the top listed country in the list of developing country across the whole world. Today in this post I will share with you a top 11 largest group of companies list in Bangladesh. 
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Largest Group OF Companies

Top 11 Largest Group of Companies List in Bangladesh

Now I make a list of top largest group of companies in Bangladesh appear below.

1. PRAN(RFL) Group

2. ACI Group

3. Navana Group

4. Abul Khair Group

5. Bashundhara Group

6. Beximco Group

7. Square Group

8. City Group

9. Jamuna Group

10. Partex group

11. Ananda Group

These are the top 11 largest group of companies in Bangladesh are really popular. The company’s products also export to others country with a good reputation. Have any question ask me via the comment sections below.

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