Thimpu A Beautiful Place And Capital Of Bhutan


The government of each state tries its best to make the capital of each state a significant place of interest. Thimphu, the capital of Bhutan, is no exception. On the contrary, Thimphu is one of the most attractive and aesthetically pleasing places in Bhutan. This ancient city is the capital and largest city of Bhutan. Located in Silvan Valley on the banks of the Thimphu River, it is home to ethnic Bhutanese arts, architecture, and culture. Thimphu has a unique flavor that will make you come here again and again.


Places of interest in Thimphu

Simtokha Jung

Sightseeing of Thimphu Simtokha Jung This Jung was built in 1627 as the gateway to the Thimphu Valley. The oldest forest in Thimphu is the Reagan School of Jungha and Monastic Studies. Freshco and slate carvings are the special attraction of Simtokha.


Thimphu Jung (Fotres of the Glorious Religion)

Thimphu Jung is the heart of the Bhutanese capital, Thimpu. It was built in 1661. Here are the government departments, the National Assembly, the King’s Throne Room, and the summer headquarters of the Centennial Body.


Memorial Curtain

This is basically a memorial. The stupa was built in 1974 to pay homage to Jigme, the third king of Bhutan. The various paintings and statues inside it are a reflection of Buddhist philosophy.

Thimphu Weekend Market

The fun of walking on the beautiful and secluded streets of Thimphu is different. Don’t forget to visit any of the travelers especially the weekend market.

Thimphu Punakha

Punakha, 60 km from Thimphu city, can be reached by driving through Dochula Pass. If the sky is clear, from this pass with an altitude of 3050 meters, you can also see the highest natural pattern of the world, the Himalayas. Punakha is the most fertile valley in Bhutan. You will also see the Pho Chu and Mo Chu rivers. Punakha rust with that. There is also the National Library, the Handicraft Emporium, the Painting School, and the Traditional Medical Institute. You can see them by stepping a few feet.

When to visit

The best time to visit Bhutan is October and November of the year. Because at this time the sky is clear and the mountains, rivers, forests are very clear. Besides, the weather is good and most of the festivals in Bhutan are held during this time.

How to get there

You can take a Druk flight from Dhaka to Paro International Airport. You can reach Thimphu by minibus. Transportation from Thimphu to other cities in Bhutan is available.

Where to stay

In Thimphu, the number of hotels is not very large, but the problem of staying. You can stay at the Pinewood Hotel or Riverview Hotel. Most of the hotels will have all the modern facilities. Most of the hotels are built in the style of Bhutanese tradition. If you stay in these hotels, you will get the flavor of staying in an ethnic village. From Tk 400 to Tk 1000, Hotel Jai Zhang (00975-2-334707 / 33196) Kulagangri (331459), Hotel LT (327772), Hotel TT, The hotel has dragon routes between Tk 1,500 and Tk 2,000. Wangchak (323532, 325484), Pedling (325714), Taksang (22102), Jumlahari (22747), hotels with rent of Tk 2500-3000 And Hotel River View (25030).


Vegetarian food is more prevalent here. Dortsey or cow’s milk cheese and red peppers cooked in Emma Dortsey or melted cheese are the favorite dishes here.


There is no shortage of shopping spots here like shopping spots. You can buy various souvenirs from Handicraft Emporium. Masks, prayer wheels, decorative motifs, silk, and wool clothes are part of the tradition here.

Caution: Smoking is strictly prohibited throughout Bhutan.

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