Upside Down Gallary: The First Overturne Gallary Of The Country

upside down gallary

Upside Down is a strange photo gallery. If you go to this gallery located in Lalmatia of the capital, you will think that the world may have turned upside down. Or have we overturned? For the first time in the country, four new entrepreneurs have launched such a photo studio.

Launched on May 17, 2019, this gallery has already become known to many as Ulto Bari. With an area of ​​more than three thousand square feet, this ‘Illusion Art Gallery’ has been arranged to give a different taste.

Upside Down Gallary Of Lalmatiya

The upside-down gallery is arranged with seven rooms on the ground floor. There are special rooms including bedroom, drawing room, dining, reading room, kitchen, shower room. The furniture in each room is specially arranged on the ceiling of the room.

There is a separate guide for introducing each room and showing you a special way to take pictures. An illusion is created by taking a picture in a special way and reversing it. It would seem that people are hanging upside down on the ceiling of the room!

Each room is beautifully decorated. It comes with amazing lighting. Besides, several levels of security have been ensured so that no accidents occur.

Entry Fee and Time:

To enter this world of upside-down, you have to pay 400 Tk. 250 taka for children below 10 years and free admission for children below 3 years. If you take DSLR camera service, you have to pay 300 Tk more (for each group).

They will take pictures. Upload the picture to Google Drive and send the link in the mail. Even if you don’t take the camera service, you can take pictures with your own mobile or camera as you wish.

It closed on Sundays and Mondays. It is also open five days a week from 2 pm to 10 pm.

Address Of Upside Down Gallary:

[email protected]


2/6, Block – C

Lalmatia (East Side of Minar Mosque, Adcent to Dhanmondi – 27 Road)

Dhaka- 1207


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