Baitur Rauf Masjid A Mosque At Abdullahpur Bus stand

Baitur Rauf Masjid

Baitur Rauf Jame Masjid (Baitur Rauf Jame Masjid) is located at Fayedabad of Dakshin Khan Police Station, east of Abdullahpur Bus Stand in Dhaka. The special aspect of its architecture is that its ventilation system and excellent scattering of light give a different dimension to the environment of the mosque. The special feature of the 654 sq m mosque is that there is no dome or minaret in the mosque. It is built on eight pillars around it. The special feature of its design is that it is a pillar with a 13-degree angle towards the Qibla. Special arrangements have been made around for light entry. Its architecture is inspired by the mosques of the Sultanate period.

Architect Marina Khan has given priority to the design of the Sultanate period in the construction of this mosque. It has been done quite artistically and according to the plan, you can feel it as soon as you enter. Natural light and air have been given more prominence in the design than electric light-fan. Such use of brick masonry without any windows for ventilation is not seen in any other mosque. All this has made the mosque unique. Baitur Rauf Mosque in Dhaka has received the final nomination for the Aga Khan Architecture Award.

How to get there

You can go to Abdullahpur in Tongi from any part of Dhaka by bus. If you want to go to Baitur Rauf Mosque, you have to go from Abdullahpur to Faidabad of Dakshin Khan Police Station on the right. The mosque can be seen by walking for 1 minute in the left-hand lane from the transmitter turn of Faidabad. However, the Faidabad transmitter turn can also be reached by auto from the main road.

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