Shundorban A Largest Mangrob Forest In Bangladesh


Sundarbans The world’s largest mangrove forest, UNESCO World Heritage Site. When you are bored with the noise of the city, you can come back from the Sundarbans. There is a saying “Talk to the forest because the forest always talks to you”. The whole forest has ocean currents, small rivers, canals, and muddy chars. You can see different species of birds and reptiles including tiger, deer, crocodile, monkey, python in the open environment with your own eyes.


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What you will see on the Sundarbans tour


 Here you will see lots of monkeys as well as beautiful trees. Jamtala Sea Beach – In the morning you have to get off the ship and trek for 30 minutes in this secluded forest. You can see the footprints of the tiger inside the forest. According to the 2016 tiger census report, there are approximately 114 tigers in the Sundarbans. If the luck is not very good, it is difficult to see the tiger. The first thing that comes to mind when you come to the beach is the damaged area in Sidr. Although it did not cover its beauty in any way. Think “Sometimes disaster brings its inner beauty”

Kotka Sanctuary -This place is very natural from Harbaria. You will see lots of deer here. They come in groups. If you want, you can break the branches of the tree and feed them. You will also see monkeys, monkeys can eat fruit. Don’t throw any plastic-like objects, packets of biscuits here.

Heron Point – On the way to Diamond Point you will see crocodiles on both sides. The place is well developed due to the presence of the Navy camp but there is very little natural feeling here.

Dublar Char – Dublar Char is famous for its many species of fish, crabs, and dried fish. Afternoon- In the evening, you can see the market sitting here.

Karamjal – a lot of zoo flavor. The map of the Sundarbans will always come to mind. You will see crocodiles and deer. You can buy and feed deer food. Many may not like to see them in captivity.

How To Go Shundorban

Those who want to visit all the spots in the Sundarbans and spend the night in the deep forest river can pick up their packages (Dhaka to Sundarbans) from Dhaka by contacting a good travel agency. In this case, the package cost starts from TK 10,000 per person. Or you can go to Khulna and take the shipping package starting from 6500 per person. Everything is included in the packages, the food will also be in the buffet system. You can see MV Flamingo, MV Rainbow, MV Oboshor on the ship. And those who want to give a tour at a low cost, in that case, you can go to the spot from Khulna with a trawler reserve at 2/3 o’clock. In this case, there is no opportunity to spend the night in the forest. There is no opportunity to trek to the beach in the morning.

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