Bhutia Padma Beel: A Most Beautiful Place To See The Padma

Bhutia Padma Beel

If anyone brings you a bunch of handfuls of flowers, you will be happy! The beauty of the billions of puddles on the beel is really unprofitable. This is one of the most fascinating scenes in our traditional village of Bengal. In the song, poets have spoken of Nilpadma numerous times in the poem.

Nilpadma maybe not be available if you want, but you can be impressed with the beauty of the pink lotus. Yes, you will see countless Padma fairs at Padmabeel in Terkhata, Khulna.

You can take lots of  Padma bunch whatever your mind wants. It’s like a paddle flower. You will be able to visit this beautiful place with your family and friends from Dhaka on One Day.

Bhutia Padma Beel Of Terkhada In Khulna

Bhutia Padma Beel is located in the Terkhada Upazila of Khulna district. In order to remove the boredom of a busy mechanical life, you can come to Bhutia’s Padmabil, a reflection of the wonderful nature of Abah Bengal. But remember, the best time to visit Bill is 6-6: 30 in the morning. As the day progresses, the flowers begin to wither.

You have to cross the Khulna Jail Ghat at Terkhada Bazar, 18 km away. You can go there by bus or tempo. Anyone can show the Padma Beel when you asked after reaching Terkhanda Bazar.

There are many boats available for hire in Padma Bill. They will show you the whole thing. The rent can be as high as 200 Tk. However, the boats are small, no more than 2/3 people can get up.

If you want to go at a low cost, then you have to cross the jail from Khulna city and get on the bus from Senerbazar. Then you will have to land at a place called Harikhali. From there take an easy bike to Charkushla village. You have to go to Char Kushla Junction and rent a dinghy with the help of locals and go to Padma Bill.

Or if you have a car, you can go directly to Route Same. The car will be allowed to be kept at the request of a local. Remember, it takes an hour and a half to go from Khulna to Charkushala. So you will calculate the time in that way.

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