Mujib Nagar A Historical Place At Meherpur

Mujib Nagar

Mujibnagar is the most historic place in Meherpur district where it was the capital of the first provisional government of Bangladesh. It was here that the cabinet of the government was sworn in on 16 April at Amrakan in the then Vaidyanathtala present Mujibnagar.

The Liberation War Memorial Complex has been built here to preserve the heritage of the first capital of Bangladesh. A memorial has been erected at the place of taking the oath to preserve the memory of taking the oath.

In order to make this historically important place more significant, various sectors of the Liberation War have been shown in the complex through a map. Inside the Liberation War Memorial Complex, sculptures of some historical events during the Liberation War have been placed.

On the outside of the memorial complex are sculptures of more historic events, including Bangabandhu’s historic March 7th speech, the swearing-in of the Mujibnagar government, and the surrender of Pakistani forces.

These sculptures with memories of the liberation war will attract any tourist. The Mujibnagar Memorial has been built where the Provisional Government of Bangladesh was formed during the War of Liberation. Its architect is Tanvir Kabir.

Mujib Nagar

The Significance Architecture of Mujib Nagar

Lal Mancha:

A rectangular red mancha with 24 feet long and 14 feet wide ceramic bricks has been constructed at the exact place where the Provisional Government of Bangladesh was sworn in on 16 April 1971. Which is in the middle inside the Mujibnagar Memorial.

23 Memorial Pillars:

The memorial consists of 23 triangular walls. Which are arranged in a circular way. 23 walls (August 1947 to March 1971) – used as a symbol of the 23-year independence movement. The first wall is 9 feet 9 inches high and 20 feet long.

Each of the subsequent walls has been gradually increased to 1 foot in length and 9 inches in height. This means Bangladesh fought for its independence for 9 months. The last wall is 25 feet 6 inches high and 42 feet long. There are numerous holes in each wall that have been shown as a sign of oppression by the Pakistani ruling class.

Skulls of One Lakh Intellectuals:

There are innumerable circular circles on the altar 2 feet 6 inches high from the ground of the memorial by which the skulls of one lakh intellectuals are meant.

3 Million Martyre:

There are innumerable stones on the 3 feet high altar from the ground of the 3 million martyrs memorial which has expressed the historical responsibility and remembrance towards the honor of 3 million martyrs and mothers and sisters. The 19 lines in the middle of the stones represent the 19 districts of then East Pakistan.

Eleven Stairs:

There are 11 stairs to climb on the altar of the memorial. By which the whole of Bangladesh was divided into 11 sectors during the war of liberation.


Bangoposhagor is represented by a mosaic in the area adjacent to the mango orchard on the north side of the Bangoposhagor Memorial. Although Bangoposhagor is in the south of Bangladesh, it has been moved to the north to balance the monument with the swearing-in stage.

Symbol of 21 February:

The road to the main gate of the memorial touches the slope of the main memorial called the Sea of ​​Blood. Here the road has been used in the symbolic sense of the language movement.

Blood Sea:

The blood flow of the martyrs has been created along the first wall on the west side of the Sea of ​​Blood Memorial which is called the Sea of ​​Blood.

Seven And Half United People:

The 23 walls that have been made from the red stage have been mosaiced with innumerable light-stones. With which the seven and a half crore united people of 1971 have been presented in the form of symbols.

How To Go Mujibnagar Meherpur

Meherpur can be reached in two ways by crossing Bangabandhu Bridge and Padma River from Dhaka. Those who cross the Bangabandhu Bridge will get a bus from Kalyanpur in Dhaka. And those who will cross the ferry will get a bus from Gabtali.

There are JR, Royal, SM, Meherpur Deluxe, Chuadanga Deluxe. Rent for non-AC 500 TK, AC economy class 600 TK. Besides, the distance from Meherpur district headquarters to Amrakanan of Mujibnagar by road is 16 km. The historic Amrakan can be reached in 30 minutes by bus, local vehicle Tempo / Lachimon / Karimon. The bus fare from Meherpur Sadar is 25-30 TKs.

Accommodation In Meherpur

Accommodation is available at Bangladesh Tourism Corporation Hotel at Mujibnagar Liberation War Memorial Complex. Besides, there are 3 VIP rooms in the post bungalow set up by the district council. Meherpur district headquarters has accommodation facilities in Circuit House, Municipal Hall, and other residential hotels including Fintower.

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