How To Open a Business Bank Account in Bangladesh(Updated)

Bangladesh is the developing country in the world which is already nearby a developed country. As a result, Bangladesh is doing well in the business sector. A businessman needs to be a Business Bank Account for his business transaction. Bangladesh has many reputational banks like Islamic Bank,Dutch Bangla Bank, Sonali Bank for transaction money to country or outside. Some of these are private and some are Government banks. 

Business Bank Account in Bangladesh, Business Bank Account
For opening an Account for your business perpose you need to follow some rules are bellow.

Required Procedure to Open a Business Bank Account

1. First, you need to collect a form, from any bank account where you want to open a business bank account.
2. An application in the prescribed form.
3. In the third option need two passport size image.
4. Attested by someone, a copy of the trade license.
5. For the limited company Or public limited company, you need to bring the copy of the resolution of the meeting of the Board of Directors regarding the decision of opening a bank account and the delegation of power to operate the bank account.
6. Need to a Certificate of Incorporation from Joint Stock Company.
7. Must be brought to a Membership certificate of a government-approved association that related to your business which related to your account.
8. It is necessary to Reference by an account holder of the same bank for your identification.
These are the main parts to open a business bank account in Bangladesh. By following these rules you can able to open a bank account. If you need to open an account just follow the steps I already shared.
After doing this process for opening an account you need to wait some days to make it confirm. When it will able to use for your business transactions then it is ready for use. You can deal with your buyer and client via this account for a better transaction. Hopefully, this post will help you to make your business better. If you have any question we are waiting for answering! just knock me via the comment section.
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