57 thoughts on “Document Required for Opening Dutch-Bangla Bank(DBBL) Account”

  1. I am a student, So I have not any Evidence of occupation (Number 6 of your list). But I am an Amazon Affiliate Marketer. For this purpose I need a Payoneer Master Card. To apply a master card I need the Dutch Bangla Saving Account. So, How can I apply without Evidence of occupation?

  2. 1. Student ID card.

    2. 2 copy passport size photo.

    3. Identity card of nominee (national id card/ passport / birth certificate).

    4. 1 copy passport size photo of a nominee.

    5. Copy of utility bill of present address (current bill/ water bill/gas bill).

  3. As a foreign students to open a DBBL account you needs:
    1. Student ID card or Passport.

    2. 2 copy passport size photo.

    3. Nominee document.

    4. 1 copy passport size photo of a nominee.

    And you will be consider for some steps if you are a student of bangladeshi university student.

  4. I have birth certificate,passport. bt I have no nid card.
    now wht can I do?
    I need a current account & ATM card.
    without NID card iz it possible to open current accout?

  5. Maybe you can make a account but not sure about current account. You can contact here:
    Dutch Bangla Bank NEW APPLICATIONS
    Dutch Bangla Bank Data Center
    Plot # 47, Road # 9/A
    Satmosjid Road, Dhanmondi
    Dhaka -1205

    • She needs some documents to appear to open a student account in Dutch Bangla Bank.

      1. Birth Certificate
      2. School or College Id Card
      3. 2 0r 3 copy passport size image

      With these documents, she can create and open a student account easily.

  6. I have only id card but don’t have any utility bill copy or else. How can I apply? I need to open a Payoneer account and obviously I am a student

  7. Hi.. I want to open a deposit account so that I can deposit funds to help my brother to withdraw only a set amount of money every month. I live in Canada and have canadian citizenship. I immigrated to Canada a long time ago. Please advise. Thank you.

  8. Dear Sir,

    I Zahed Hosaain, working in Riyadh Saudi Arabia, could you please advise me about business account and what is the requirements? I need to open a business account as soon as possible.




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